$ 56,500 to reduce the impact of work in the downtown area

The City of Sherbrooke is hiring a new resource and is investing to reduce the impact of the work that will last approximately three years in downtown Sherbrooke. By the end of the year, $ 56,500 will be injected for this purpose.
The amount includes the hiring of a liaison officer, the implementation of a communication strategy, transitional arrangements, window cleaning and a local purchase campaign. Councilors Pierre Tremblay and Évelyne Beaudin entered their dissent.

Other revitalization projects elsewhere in Quebec have been taken as examples to launch this project, says Councilor Rémi Demers, citing, among other things, old Saint-Eustache, Laurier West Street in Montreal and downtown Magog. “The best is coming for downtown merchants, but it will be necessary to go through this period. We are talking about close to 300 businesses that will be impacted downtown, 75 of which will see very direct impacts. The liaison officer will be the pivotal person, who will attend the site meetings and relay with Commerce Sherbrooke, “he says.

“I would have been in favor if it had been punctual money to animate, display, make communications, but there is a job creation. It is a temporary creation, but it often happens that temporary positions become permanent. All the requests we receive are important, but we must analyze them in a global vision, “said Évelyne Beaudin to explain his dissent.

“I realize the scope of the work to be done downtown and the importance of good communication. However, the current context is not favorable for hiring new resources. I have already asked for a moratorium on the hiring of any new non-budgeted staff. The ability to pay Sherbrook residents is not unlimited. On November 4, 2019, I raise the red flag, “added Pierre Tremblay.

Annie Godbout, who sits on the downtown revitalization committee, joined the proposal despite some irritants. She reflected with her colleague Paul Gingues, chairman of the cultural committee, to create a project of concertation of animation in the city center. “For us it’s important to have a pivotal resource between the different animations. Can there be bridges between the different projects so that they are even more interesting for the population, but also for tourists, especially since we will no longer have Nikitotek place? The stakes at Nikitotek Square should have been fixed in the spring to be even more ready for next year. When I hear that we have nothing for next year, it is true that we are late, that it will be a year of consolidation, but there will be a rhythm that will be lost. ”

Ms. Godbout believes that the city must have a vision to know what downtown should look like. “Many different projects can hatch. We will be faced with difficult choices. The more we have a concerted vision, the more it will be good for economic growth. ”

Paul Gingues suggested that the hired resource come from outside the downtown universe. “The key word here is liaison. The liaison officer is someone from outside to pick up the pulse of downtown and make sure everyone works together. It would be interesting for this person to be outside of downtown to have another eye. “

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