$ 9,000 claimed from caregivers recruited in Tunisia

The recruitment mission of some forty Tunisian health-care workers by the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) in Chaudiere-Appalaches is a hit. The establishment has just sent a formal notice to the firm to which it had given the mandate, Cozy Immigration, which itself sent a notice to a subcontractor, Success Canada. At the center of the dispute: the $ 9,000 claimed from each of the recruited candidates.

The e 17 January, the CISSS Chaudière-Appalalaches, entered into a $ 280,000 contract with the firm Cozy immigration Lac Beauport to recruit forty caregivers in Tunisia, an effort to address the shortage of officers beneficiaries in their CHSLDs.

Two months later, on March 20, Le Soleil received an email from a certain Mohamed Ali Bouzazi who was denouncing the practices of Cozy Immigration and Success Canada. The Tunisian claimed that only candidates who paid Canadian $ 9000 to Success Canada were invited to an interview with CISSS representatives.

According to him, several candidates and he were deprived of an interview because they did not have the $ 9,000 “to buy the right of way to Quebec”. He points out that this sum “represents the salary of three years of work for a beneficiary worker in Tunisia”.

In his email, Mr. Bouzazi calls for “a clear answer regarding this procedure for the sale of employment contracts” and asks for the right to be “included in the list of candidates for a legal interview” as well as “the cancellation of the first procedure, which was biased [sic] and unfair “.

In an interview with Le Soleil , on March 20, the project manager at the CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches, Julie Gauthier, had explained to us that the $ 9,000 claimed by Success Canada to the candidates gave them the right to “turnkey” support in their project. immigration. “They are taken care of from A to Z. It includes, among other things, airline tickets, medical and biometric tests that candidates must provide, etc. It also includes assistance when they arrive in Quebec and support for permanent residence, “said the CISSS official.

M me Gauthier, who traveled to Tunisia to meet the candidates, said he was also pleased the 36 detained health aides, praising their skills and professionalism in their immigration project.

The CISSS has doubts

Without questioning the quality of the selected applications, the CISSS recontacted us on Tuesday “for the sake of transparency” to inform us that it had received on March 21 “new information that raises a reasonable doubt in our mind” about the sums candidates and “the quality of Success Canada’s professional practice”.

“We have a doubt about the veracity of the justifications concerning the $ 9000. On March 22, we commissioned a law firm to initiate legal proceedings and validate the quality of Success Canada’s practice and the legal or ethical quality of the contracts they signed with our 36 candidates, “explained Julie Gauthier, stating that he received copies of these contracts only on March 21.

On Monday, a formal notice was sent by the CISSS to Cozy Immigration. “It basically has three things: to protect the CISSS from any prosecution related to Cozy Immigration’s practices or those of its subcontractor, to cancel the employment contracts signed between Success Canada and our 36 candidates, and to have all the amounts reimbursed. that they have paid so far to Success Canada. We do this in order to ensure that their rights are respected, that they are not victims of abusive practices, which unfortunately are quite common in the field of international recruitment, “explains Ms. Gauthier.

Nebulous contracts

According to her, the contracts signed between the candidates and Success Canada would be “rather nebulous”. “It’s not easy to understand, that’s why we put it in the hands of specialized lawyers.”

“As an employer, we were also fooled because we had a document that showed us what the $ 9,000 was for, and finally, we realize that this document was worthless […]. What we understand [when reading the contracts] is that the $ 9,000 is a fee for supporting the firm in the immigration process. All other fees, for airline tickets and medical and biometric tests, for example, are added to the $ 9,000 bill, says Julie Gauthier.

The CISSS lodged a complaint Monday against Success Canada consultant Mohamed Regaieg in this case with the Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council (ICCRC), of which he is a member.

“The error is human”

Contacted by Le Soleil, Mohamed Regaieg first mentioned never hiding from asking for money from the candidates he recruited, he who is “self-employed”. “I wanted to have them as clients for permanent residence, but I forced nobody. I asked people, “Are you comfortable financially? Otherwise, it’s not worth it, “said the immigration advisor, noting that” this is what the CISSS wanted, financially comfortable people. ”

Mohamed Regaieg confirms having indicated to the CISSS that the $ 9,000 claimed from candidates not only covered the support for their various immigration procedures with the Canadian and Quebec governments (until the application for permanent residence at the federal level), but also the banknotes the cost of biometric data and medical examinations.

Mr. Regaieg also agrees that this is not what the employment contracts signed between the candidates and Success Canada said, which only mentioned the procedures related to the immigration procedures. “I made a mistake. […] The error is human. It was a very fast mission, we were jostled, we worked 24 hours a day … In addition, there was a change during the interviews, the CISSS no longer wanted married people, just singles. It was a lot of work, “says Mohamed Regaieg, saying he canceled the” erroneous “contracts of the candidates to make new ones.

“If I really were not good-willed or good-natured, I would hide everything, but I do not hide anything,” he adds. […] I do not oblige any candidate, they are free, they know my company and my credibility, they want to do business with me. Currently, the CISSS tells them not to do business with me, to stop all signatures with Success Canada. Why? If someone admits that he has made a mistake and wants to correct it, why does the other one say no, do not do it? To pretend he did it on purpose? ”

The CISSS explains that it wrote to the candidates to inform them of its steps. “These people are very worried. It is a situation that causes them additional stress […]. They all want to continue their efforts with us, and we, it is our greatest wish to be able to welcome them in the next year. But we need to clarify some things before, “says M me Gauthier.

Cozy Immigration warns the recruiter

At Cozy Immigration, the manager, Nathalie Noël, sent us this written statement at the end of the day, Tuesday: “As soon as we became aware of these allegations, Cozy Immigration Multiservices broke the contractual relationship with the recruiter and sent him a notice. These actions, if proven, are not only unacceptable, but they are in complete rupture with our practices, our values ​​and our ethical principles. We take the necessary steps to honor our contract with CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches. ”

No one at ICCRC answered our questions at the time of writing.

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