A 16-month cancellation for Jean-Roch Parent

When a judge speaks, we are silent. The Barreau du Qu├ębec’s disciplinary council recalls this principle by imposing a 16-month cancellation on defense lawyer Jean-Roch Parent.
InMay, Jean-Roch Parent was convicted or pleaded guilty to about fifteen disciplinary offenses.

Bargaining with judges in the courtroom, shouting with fellow lawyers, insults to a correctional officer, lack of availability and diligence with regard to a client; the alleged professional misconduct of the defense attorney is diverse.

The Quebec Bar’s disciplinary council describes Jean-Roch Parent’s conduct as “unacceptable and highly reprehensible behavior” against a municipal court judge and a Superior Court judge. A behavior “that undermines the public’s confidence in the courts and the administration of justice” and “shades the profession of lawyer”, adds the council in its decision on the sanction.

Parent’s differences of language and untimely interruptions during court proceedings are not “passing irritability”, notes the counsel, but rather “a procedure, a way of doing that he integrates into his practice under the pretext of the right to defend his customers fiercely “.

If a lawyer, who regularly rubs shoulders with the judiciary, disrespects it, how can we ask the public in general to respect it, asks the disciplinary council.


In January, the Law Society’s trustee obtained an exceptional measure, namely the temporary striking off of the fiery defense lawyer. He has therefore no longer the right to practice since that time.

The Disciplinary Board set a 16-month period for the complete deletion of Parent, from which it is necessary to deduct approximately seven months of provisional striking off.

During the representations on the sanction, Jean-Roch Parent presented his regrets. He explained that at the time of the events, he was in professional exhaustion. The board notes that it has no medical evidence of this state of health.

The struck off lawyer stated that he wanted to resume his practice, in collaboration with other lawyers, and promised to address the judges with respect.

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