A breathtaking holiday for the mayor of Windsor

Windsor mayor Sylvie Bureau will remember her holidays for a long time in 2019. They were, to say the least, shocking …
C’is that Ms. Bureau was this weekend in Iles-de-la-Madeleine when the archipelago was swept by Hurricane Dorian .

“You can tell my fellow citizens that I am safe,” she said when she was on the phone by La Tribune on Monday.

“We were further north of the island and in a solid building. The winds came up on Saturday and it looks like our ears are done to that. The wind woke us up a few times in the night from Saturday to Sunday, but no more. ”

It is Sunday morning that Sylvie Bureau and the other tourists have taken the measure of the damage. “I saw marinas, shops by the sea and damaged wooden sidewalks. As the fishing season is not over, the boats were not out of the water. They found themselves piled on top of each other. Everything had been torn off. I have not seen such strong winds in my life. ”

The post-tropical storm produced bursts that ranged between 70 and 120 km / h Saturday and Sunday. In total, rainfall of 43 mm of rain was recorded, according to Environment Canada.

Ms. Bureau’s vacation in Havre-Aubert was long overdue. It was his first presence in the Magdalen Islands.

“We are not the only ones. It’s full of Quebeckers on vacation at this time of the year, she says. We knew that the hurricane was coming, so we called the hostel before taking the ferry. We decided to come the same way. ”

“We lost the current from 10 am Saturday to 4 pm Sunday. It was not breakdowns that were difficult to repair. The inn is gas powered. All we can say is that it was not nice … Here they are used to facing the winds. But this time it was really strong. ”

Sylvie Bureau was able to see how the hurricane damaged the banks of the island. “The water of the ocean has turned red! The land of Îles-de-la-Madeleine is red. ”

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