A dog found dead tied to a tree in a park induces outrage

MONTREAL – A public appeal was launched late Wednesday to locate people who could help resolve an apparent case of animal abandonment at Angrignon Park in Ville-Émard neighborhood, in the south-west of Montreal. Montreal.

The day before, on Tuesday, a dog was found lifeless by a passerby who was walking in the park with her own dogs.

The corpse of the animal was buried in the snow and it was tied to a tree.

Protection Officers of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Montreal SPCA) came to the scene and observed the dog’s death. They recovered the body with the assistance of agents from the Police Department of the City of Montreal before transporting it to its Montreal offices.

Veterinary expertise will be performed on the corpse in order to elucidate the circumstances of death.

In a Facebook message with a photograph, the Montreal SPCA reports that the dog is an unsterilized adult male of large breed, with drooping ears and predominantly gray fur with white on the chest and around the neck.

The investigative office of the Montreal SPCA has opened an investigation into this matter.

The event generated a lot of reactions, including outrage and sadness, on Facebook: Thursday morning more than 920 comments were written on Facebook, 16 hours after the publication of the message of the Montreal SPCA.

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