A fire destroyed a chicken coop and kills thousands of poultry in Vallée-Jonction

Un incendie détruit un poulailler et tue des milliers de volailles à Vallée-Jonction

VALLÉE-JONCTION, Qc — A violent fire destroyed a barn and caused the death of thousands of poultry in the break of day, Monday, at Vallée-Jonction in the Beauce region.

The three-storey building located on route 173 collapsed in short time because of the intensity of the flames. Upon their arrival, around 7: 00 am, firefighters from Valley-Junction, they found that the three floors were already on fire.

The sappers are, however, managed to save from the fire in the sheepfold as well as the nearby garage. They have received the help of colleagues from neighbouring municipalities.

The house was powered by natural gas and propane gas.

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