A former nurse struck off for six months: “If I had a gun, I would shoot it”

“If I had a gun and a bullet, I would shoot it.” For these remarks referring to a patient with dementia for which he was responsible, and for other behaviors violating his code of ethics, a former nurse of Hôpital Saint-François D’Assise will be removed from its professional order for a period of six months. At the other end of the spectrum, a former nurse from the CLSC in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu was struck off for five years for having developed a romantic relationship with one of her patients.
Thewords and actions of Mohamed Islam Ben Sid El Haj, whose first registration on the roll of the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) dates back to 2014-2015, took place between May 2015 and May 2016, in a care context with a vulnerable clientele.

On April 6, 2016, Ben Sid El Haj made aggressive remarks during an intervention with a patient with dementia who used to roam the corridor adjacent to the room she occupied. , reads the decision of the disciplinary council of the OIIQ made on 23 August.

Following the testimony of a nurse and the findings of an internal investigation, the respondent sought the assistance of his colleague by saying: “Come help me, because here I am no longer able, I do not know not what I’m going to do to her, I’ve tried everything, but she does not understand anything. “And she added,” If I had a gun, I would shoot it. ”

A few days later, on April 19, 2016, the nurse “physically and verbally abused” another patient with “advanced psychiatric disorders”.

“At night, he [the patient] put on the hood of his dressing gown and he invited us to fight, to box. He was throwing things down so that when they were picked up, he would kick us, “said the respondent’s colleague.

On the night of April 19, 2016, the respondent intervened with the patient, who was “decompensating”. “Without attempting any negotiation or other approach to try to calm him down, in an authoritarian, expeditious and compassionate manner, the respondent abruptly seated the client [patient] to resort directly to abdominal restraint in the chair,” reports the disciplinary council of the OIIQ.

Inappropriate remarks

On the morning of May 13, 2016, a patient with a loss of autonomy and cognitive impairment rang the nurses’ station to help him get to the bathroom. The respondent replied that “it was time to sleep, that he had special pants to urinate and saddle in,” says the disciplinary council.

The complaint against Mohamed Islam Ben Sid El Haj also reports inappropriate remarks made about several colleagues. The disciplinary council quotes sexual comments about a nurse, such as “you, I would be able to put you pregnant”.

“On another occasion, he said to a beneficiary worker: ” Do you want to come and empty mine (talking about his pocket) [Editor’s note: it’s the disciplinary council that specifies]. I’ll take you against the wall, “reads the council’s decision.

In a letter dated July 6, 2016, the Respondent’s employer, the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, informed him of his decision to fire him the same day.

Obvious abuse

For the Disciplinary Board of the OIIQ, “the verbal and physical violence that the respondent has shown is all the more serious and reprehensible that it is directed towards vulnerable people, with loss of autonomy or suffering from some form of dementia “.

The Discipline Council also considers that the refusal to provide assistance and assistance to a patient who needs help to go to the bathroom, is “clearly an act that undermines the dignity of the latter “and it is” highly reprehensible “, in addition to being” an obvious manifestation of abuse “.

As to the remarks made about or about several of his colleagues, the Disciplinary Board considers them “unacceptable and intolerable”. “They are incompatible with the practice of the nursing profession and tarnish the image of the profession,” the council wrote.

No explanation

Without a disciplinary history, the respondent pleaded guilty “at the earliest opportunity,” the board notes. “Being absent at the hearing, the respondent did not give the Council his version of the facts to help him understand his conduct or the reasons why it happened,” adds the disciplinary council, stating that the respondent had expressed regret in an affidavit.

“In the absence of the respondent’s testimony, the Council is not in a position to assert that it is reassured as to the Respondent’s risk of re-offending, when he is re-registered on the roll of members of the Board. Order, “writes the counsel again before striking out the nurse for a period of six months. The delisting will be effective as of September 27th.

Employee in private

Checked on the OIIQ website, the main place of practice of Mohamed Islam Ben Sid El Haj is Auberge Boischatel, a private residence of 38 units that houses semi-autonomous seniors, can we read on the Facebook page of the company. He still works there, according to what has been learned by telephoning the Inn.

The OIIQ Disciplinary Board rendered a second decision the same day, this time against an ex-nurse from the CLSC Vallée des Forts, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, who was accused of having developed, between September 2014 and January 2016, “bonds of friendship, intimacy, love and sexuality” with one of his patients suffering from an inoperable lung cancer with brain metastases.

During the consultations, the patient in question was trying to seduce Brigitte Lemieux, can we read in the decision of the disciplinary council. She will finally accept an invitation to dinner at a restaurant in September 2014. According to the council, this meeting marked “the beginning of the relationship between the respondent and the client”.

“During the relationship, there are several attempts by the respondent to break, but the client asks the respondent not to let him, otherwise he will die,” reports the disciplinary council, adding that during the relationship, the respondent feared being struck off.

Brigitte Lemieux will finally resign from her CLSC job on January 4, 2016 because of this relationship. The next day she saw her patient for the last time in order to end the relationship. She will explain to him that he has resigned in order to definitively cut with him. The client died in May 2016.

Fixed penalty

The nurse, she is no longer registered on the Roll of the Order since April 1, 2017. If she registers, she will be removed for a period of five years. “The offense committed by the respondent can be characterized as serious even in the context where the Conseil recognizes that a real relationship has developed towards the respondent and the client,” writes the disciplinary council.

The nurse, he says, was in a supportive and trusting relationship with his patient, who was vulnerable. The Council recalls that the legislator has provided for a five-year cancellation period for a sexual offense. According to him, the analysis of the respondent’s file does not allow one to depart from this sanction. Élisabeth Fleury

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