A grandmother of 70 years accused of burglary in a residence

Une grand-mère de 70 ans accusée de cambriolage dans une résidence

Balcony, snow removal, telephone answering machine, recalcitrant, eye drops to administer; Gisèle Poitras-Dallaire was always willing to help his neighboring residence. A dozen of them, they accuse him of having targets for robbery.

The accused, a grandmother aged 70 years, is sitting with his notebook and his pencil behind the large glass box of detention. Judge Raymond W. Pronovost of the superior Court warns the 12 jurors that they did not have to draw any inference from this position. The judge Pronovost is always sit the accused, presumed innocent, in this place, which he is detained or released during the proceedings, as is the case of Gisèle Poitras-Dallaire, who was accused of 16 thefts and break and enter.

Each turn, the complainants made their entrance in the courtroom, often assisted by a cane, a walker or caregiver at the Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels (CAVAC).

“Pay attention so you don’t trip over the wire of the microphone,” warns the attorney for the Crown to Me, Caroline Munger.

The complainants all live in the housing co-op for seniors, The Better Living, which opened its doors in the fall of 2016 at Levis, not far from the college.

Their stories of flight are all alike. They have one day found that there was a shortage of bank notes in their wallet or jewelry. And that the thief was brought to the home without forcing the lock. All the complainants have asserted that their door was locked at all times, even if they only went for a few minutes.

A trap for the thief

Lorraine Campagna-Langlois, great-grand-mother, aged 83 years, loaded his few tickets in his drawer for pajama. When she saw, in may 2017, it was missing a $ 50 bill, she did it first not dared speak. But it was a trap.

Before going out from home, the octogenarian slid a bench in front of the door. Then, it tended a rubber band between the door handle and the amount of a small shelf.

“If someone wanted to go, he had a space of 10 inches,” says Ms. Campagna-Langlois.

The trick worked, less than a week after the first volume: “Someone tried to return a lamp of the shelf fell and the lampshade broke. This is where I knew that I had another visit.”

In cross-examination, the defense lawyer Me Sebastien St-Laurent could not help but congratulate the lady for her ingenuity.

Denise Dupont, 82 years old, was putting away her bag — which she calls “her purse”, as all its neighbors — in the cloakroom of the entrance. When she tried to pay with a trade in November 2016, she had more than 10 $ then that his wallet contained at least $ 100 in his memory.

Ms. Dupont has decided to hide the bag in the laundry under a pile of towels. On his return from a walk, she saw the towels in a mess and found a flight for $ 100.

Claudette Dussault, 75 years old, has moved to the Better-Live in April 2017. About a month later, she received three unwanted visits while she was out for dinner.

He stole the earrings chosen for the wedding of his son and two small hearts-charms in gold.

As a detective, Ms. Dussault has been spotted on the ground a small piece of metal; a piece of zipper that did not belong to him. “This is where I went to lodge a complaint, testifies she. I was told that I was the tenth.”

None of the ladies had left the key to the woman of the household. And one said to be absent during the household. “But I trust my maid 100%,” says Claudette Dussault.

As a friend

The complainants are aware, of course, the accused Gisèle Poitras-Dallaire, a resident member of the board of directors, recognized for his helpfulness. The accused had helped in his move, another to hang curtains. She had offered children’s clothing and brought a meal to another.

Informed of the theft, the accused had also proposed to some of the complainants, according to their version, to lend them the money. “I thought of it as a friend”, gliding Jacqueline Ruest, 71 years of age, escaping a few tears.

Louisette Bilodeau-Labrie, 92 years old, had already seen Gisele Poitras-Dallaire with the keys of the accommodation. When she had questioned the manager of the residence, he was told that the accused was helping the staff.

The policemen of Lévis have searched the apartment of Gisèle Poitras-Dallaire, in the first floor of the residence, on July 13, 2017. No object of interest has been found, said the police technician in the forensic identification Sylvain Carrier.

The trial is scheduled for two weeks.

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