A last goodbye of the O’Hara

CHRONICLE / It has been believed almost all the time that authors, sometimes without mercy, would leave us on a tragedy. But it is rather on an enlarged and very touching family photo that the characters of “O” bid us farewell, Tuesday evening to TVA. Despite all the hardships, Samuel O’Hara, the ruthless, the tough, the stubborn, will stay up to the ultimate generic.

There have been some ups and downs, the O’Hara, since January 24, 2012, date of the first episode of O ‘. The authors would certainly give them a break, until the evening of the grand finale, broadcast, by the greatest of coincidences, at the same time as the grand finale of Unité 9 , on ICI Radio-Canada . Knowing that he was practically condemned by cell lung cancer, Samuel (Guy Nadon) finally decided to give up treatment, making Charles (Stephane Demers) swear not to tell the family. This son, who has long considered him his worst enemy, will take this oath.

One had the impression that everything had happened to them, to the point that the authors had to stretch the elasticity of the likelihood, especially in the last season. It was without counting that Gloria (Genevieve Boivin-Roussy) would not wait for one, not two, but three babies. That the young Anne (Laurence Deschenes) gets drunk to the point of ending up in the hospital. “It seems that you do not know what it is, to be an O’Hara,” Eric (Guillaume Gauthier) pleaded to Renaud (Éric Robidoux), to justify his use of stimulants. Poor Charles was spared, which is almost a miracle.

The couple of Samuel and Jacqueline O’Hara (Marie Tifo) have held to the end, against all odds. “You’ve changed a lot over the years,” Jacqueline told her dear husband. “For the better?” “Oh yes!” The couple will exchange. Louisa (Marilyse Bourke) could hope so much with Marc (Claude Despins), who asked for her in marriage. And Philippe (Louis-David Morasse)? Who would have said that he would return to Geneviève (Élisabeth Locas), his flame of yore?

Thus ends the story of the tycoon Samuel O’Hara, which earned his performer, Guy Nadon, five Gemini and four Artis trophies. A final that had no choice but to make one last wink to Kathleen (Maxim Roy), whom Jacqueline reviewed in her dreams, dead in her hospital bed. We concluded with a jump of several months in time, leaving the fans on a happy note, in front of the family home. This last picture, compared to that of the very first season and accompanied by the piano, certainly had something to move those who remained faithful until the end.

And Agua in all this? We have chosen to put aside this source of perpetual conflict in the family, but we still mentioned at the end of this 174 th episode, by the logo of Agua International. A special program called O ‘ a family story, recounting the memories of team members, will be broadcast next Tuesday at 21h, TVA.

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