A license soon needed for private family daycares

Targeted by many complaints, private daycares in a family environment will have to show a white line. The Minister of Family, Mathieu Lacombe, said the choice of “child safety” by imposing a license soon.
“You know, in Quebec, it takes a license to sell ice cream. Why are people allowed to operate without a license to keep our children? “Minister Lacombe shouted on Tuesday.

Within a few weeks, the Minister will unveil in detail the solution he has chosen to tighten the screw to these unregulated family daycares. A change to the law or administrative constraints are envisaged.

“We have a damn quality and security problem” in these guard services, believes Mr. Lacombe.

He reacted to information that La Presse revealed Tuesday, as the number of complaints against private home day care has exploded. In 2018-2019, a thousand complaints were retained by the Ministry of Family in connection with this type of day care, almost three times more than a year ago.

Minister Lacombe deplores the fact that these private family day care centers are totally under the radar of the Ministry of the Family. “There is no way to proactively check if children are safe.”

Working on this issue for several months, the minister promises concrete changes. “It will be muscular.”

Mr. Lacombe explains that his department has 10,000 subsidized family places to offer, which do not find takers because of the scarcity of educators who want to get them. “I invite educators in non-regulated environments who do not have a license to join the regulated network. We have subsidized places and we have a safer environment, “he says.

Abolish the model?

The minister is even considering abolishing the unregulated day care model.

“The choice I make is to focus on safety and make sure that all children are safe. No guard service is required to close. They are only asked to have a license. I think we are capable. ”

Parti Québécois Member of Parliament Véronique Hivon finds that the government reacts very late, while the minister has known about the complaints for months. “It’s a very, very bad situation.”

M me Hivon regrets that the Government of the Coalition Québec future be stubborn last year not to further regulate these centers not governed by family, during the study of Bill 143.

“They refused any coaching. Today, we see the results. They share some of that responsibility, bad service. ”

At present, owners of these private home day care homes can accommodate a maximum of six children and must meet three requirements: having third-party liability insurance, taking a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course and completing a background check. court.

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