A long, harsh winter with sub-normal temperatures is on the horizon

The month of October will be mild, with temperatures above normal, but beware and do not wait until the last minute to change the tires of your car, because flakes could suddenly get in your way, according to MétéoMédia predicts a harsh and long winter.
Amild autumn sun and temperatures above seasonal norms are expected for the remainder of September and for the month of October in Quebec. But according to The Weather Network, snow could fall quickly.

“We could be quickly surprised, we could go from one extreme to the other, make your appointment to change your tires from mid-October” warned André Monette, head of the meteorological service at MétéoMédia, in an interview with La Presse canadienne .

In a few weeks, a “cold air dome” coming from Hudson Bay should descend to southern Quebec and “there will be a battle between the dome of fresh air and the heat present in the southern United States. Unis “according to André Monette who predicts that temperatures should not drop below normal over the next three months.

However, “the cold air dome from Hudson Bay will eventually win this battle and will become increasingly important as the winter season progresses” according to the meteorologist.

A long, harsh winter is on the horizon for northeastern North America.

“We risk having a rather heavy winter especially during the second half, from January, February and March, we could be really below normal,” said Mr. Monette who made it clear that these forecasts can still change.

In contrast, a “hot air bubble” in the Pacific will allow people on the west coast of the continent to enjoy above-normal temperatures for the next few months.

A white Christmas?

Quebeckers can hope for a White Christmas, according to MétéoMédia, which does not rule out a scenario similar to last year, when a few episodes of warmth had been inserted in the very cold temperatures of November and December, thus creating a Christmas on the ice, rather than under the snow, for several regions.

Warmth and rain in the Maritimes

The Atlantic provinces will also enjoy a fall with temperatures above seasonal norms, and according to MétéoMédia, winter could take a long time to settle because of “a soft bubble on the coast is American “. However, this same mass of hot air could cause coastal depressions that will bring a lot of rain.

“There will not necessarily be rain every day, but rather large systems that bring a lot of rain in a short time,” said André Monette, Chief of Meteorological Services at The Weather Network.

After Christmas, cold temperatures below normal are expected for the Maritimes.

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