A new parody of Celine by Marc Labreche

One week before the return of the program “That year”, Télé-Québec has posted on its Facebook page an excerpt of a new parody of Celine Dion by Marc Labrèche.
Thefacilitator incarnates again Joselito Michaud interviewing the singer, in a program entitled “Journey to the End of Celine.”

“There, are you talking to me? […] Are you watching me? “She asks Joselito, after having answered by singing, in this skit that promises to be hilarious (see extract below).

The character of Celine has become a classic for Marc Labreche, who had already parodied to Info, sex and lies and Bye Bye . His most famous, a pastiche of the photo shoot for Vogue , had even been taken over by the magazine’s website.

That year will resume the show on Saturday, September 14 at 8 pm, at Télé-Québec. Marc Labrèche and his trio of collaborators will celebrate the year 1994 with Robert Lepage.

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