A reader organizes a sit-in in support of La Voix de l’Est

Because he considers himself a “committed citizen” and is a faithful reader of La Voix de l’Est, Granbyen Richard Dubé decided on his own to organize a sit-in this Saturday in front of the locals of the daily Dufferin Street to encourage the public to pledge to support the newspaper.
“We see that all those who revolve around the media are sensitized. Elected ones too. But I found that, for such an important crisis, citizen mobilization was not up to par, “Dubé said.

According to him, the evidence of support did not fail, after Groupe Capitales Médias, owner of six regional newspapers, including La Voix de l’Est, sheltered from its creditors, August 19, under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. But Richard Dubé wants to encourage citizens to go a little further.

On Saturday, from 9 am to 4 pm, he will invite them to sign a form that will serve as a sort of commitment. “I pledge to keep my subscription, to subscribe, to pay to have access to the newspaper on the web, to buy my advertising or to be part of a co-op, if necessary”, can we read on the form he wrote.

“It’s not a petition. This is not a form signed by sympathy. It’s more than that. It is a firm and symbolic commitment. I do not try at all costs to have a high number of signatures. I’m looking for people who believe in it to send a clear message to potential investors, “said Mr. Dubé.

He might be willing to invest to become a member of a potential co-op that could be set up to secure the future of the newspaper, he says.


For Richard Dubé, there is no question of making his move through the web. The symbolism is stronger, he believes, if citizens agree to travel to Dufferin Street to sign his pledge form.

He himself is very attached to paper. Over the years, he has cut hundreds of copies of articles about Granby’s municipal politics to document his regular interventions at question periods at City Council meetings, he says.

“Egoistically, not wanting to lose an essential source of information, I decided spontaneously, without any preparation, to support the people of La Voix de l’Est by doing a sit-in,” he said. elsewhere announced at the last meeting of the council, at the beginning of the week.

Richard Dubé says he has not set any targets for the number of signatures to be achieved. But he would appreciate a little company, if other citizens want to join him during the day to give him a hand in his approach and welcome other fans attached to the newspaper.

At the end of the exercise, he also wishes to submit copies of the signatures of commitment obtained to MPs François Bonnardel and Pierre Breton. For the leaders of their respective parties, also prime ministers of Quebec and Canada, are challenged in the wording of Richard Dubé’s form. “I demand that MM. Trudeau and Legault are looking for our due from the GAFA (note: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) “, is it written.

Whoever takes a close interest in financial matters wants the giants of the web, who have monopolized a growing share of advertising revenues to the detriment of news organizations, be taxed. “But it’s another matter. It’s a debate in itself, “he says.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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