Acadia without mercy for Bishop’s

SHERBROOKE – The Acadia Axemen were ruthless against the Bishop’s University Gaiters on Saturday afternoon in Wolfville, NS, in a convincing 31-1 win. By winning the Loney Bowl, Acadia secured a second Uteck Cup entry in three years.
The Axemen defensive unit was ruthless for the Gaiters’ young offensive unit, limiting them to just nine first games, and 158 yards of net gain.

Acadia slowly but surely took control of the match by positioning the field, limiting the offensive options of the Gaiters.

The Axemen scored two ground majors, courtesy of Dale Wright, two Ben George’s kickoffs, and forced the Gaiters to concede a safety hit in the first 30 minutes of play.

In advance 22-0 at the half, the Axemen were already well in control of the meeting.

In cold weather conditions, and in front of a tough defensive unit, the Gaiters attack could never be justified.

This duel, which was expected to be uneven, between a team that was ranked 5th in the national rankings, and a young formation, which was in their first participation in the Maritime final, turned out.

“It was difficult. All credit goes to Acadia. They had an excellent game plan for all three facets of play. There was also a duel between a mature team and a young team, “head coach Chérif Nicolas told La Tribune after the match.

“The score was 5-0 for them, for a while. Our offense had difficulties early in the game. Slowly, they took control of the field, and the match. It was 22-0 at halftime; and in the first attack sequence in the third quarter, Charles (Aubry, first-year quarterback) fell in action. ”

Aubry finished the match with 12 passes completed in 18 attempts for 111 yards.

His replacement, Liam Kennedy, has amassed 41 yards of profit (4 assists completed in 10).

“It sounds great when you play against a mature team whose players have already won. For some of them, it was the second time at the Loney Bowl. This group of young people was ready, “said the coach of the Gaiters.

“I see this match as a great experience for our players, for our coaches, for the whole program. I have to watch the film of the match before making a final assessment, but our team learned a lot today. ”

For future recruiting, and visibility, this first Gaiters participation not only in the playoffs but in a Loney Bowl final should support the Gaiters’ arguments.

“The goal now is to recruit players who will help us to take the next step,” concluded Chérif Nicolas.

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