Accused of defrauding her incapable mother for more than $ 173,000

A lady from Trois-Rivières, Guylaine Mongrain, is currently facing legal proceedings for allegedly defrauding and stealing more than $ 173,000 from her mother, who was unable to take care of her financial affairs. Amounts that would have been used, in part, to pay a down payment on a house that the accused had just bought.
The52-year-old woman’s trial opened on Wednesday at the Trois-Rivières courthouse and is scheduled to take place over two days. The prosecution, represented by the prosecutor Julien Beauchamp-Laliberté, alleges that the lady would have appropriated the amounts of money without being entitled for personal purposes from the bank accounts of her mother, from whom she had a power of attorney in order to manage his finances since the presumed victim had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The accused pleaded not guilty to these charges of theft and fraud of more than $ 5,000.

Although a series of cash withdrawals all amounting to a few hundred dollars have been recorded by the investigator of the police of Trois-Rivières Pierre Gervais – withdrawals he qualifies as “doubtful” – four much larger amounts received the attention of the investigator and the prosecution in this case, including a $ 85,000 transfer of funds to Guylaine Mongrain’s account.

Another $ 41,200 was also transferred to the accused’s account, which was eventually used to make a down payment on a house that Guylaine Mongrain had just purchased.

The case allegedly broke out in the family when the accused’s brother reported unexplained withdrawals from his mother’s account in June 2017. However, the amounts questioned by the prosecution date back to the beginning of the year. the year 2015.

Shocked by the situation, Ms. Mongrain’s brother contacted the residence where her mother was staying to report the situation. The management then contacted the CIUSSS so that a social worker, Véronique Bazinet, intervenes in the file.

Called to the witness stand Wednesday, Ms. Bazinet said she contacted Guylaine Mongrain, first to ask him not to talk about this family quarrel in front of his mother, since it generated him a lot of anxiety.

During this appeal, Ms. Mongrain wanted to justify the situation to the social worker, saying that she had always acted in good faith and explaining that an amount of $ 41,200 was indeed paid from her mother’s account, but that everything had been done when her mother was still fit to take care of her finances. According to the accused, her mother wanted to give him a gift for the purchase of his house. Ms. Bazinet however noted that this statement contradicted the medical reports of the alleged victim, since his incapacity was declared in October 2015 and that this alleged donation was made in March 2016.

In addition, the accused allegedly wanted to pay her $ 85,000 to enforce the wishes of her mother, still alive to this day, which would have meant that she could, after her death, inheritance of Mrs. Mongrain’s sister, who died a few years ago.

However, given the incapacity of her mother decreed by the medical profession, Ms. Mongrain has always failed in her attempts to amend the will, which she claimed was the will of her mother. An assertion that was never recognized by the medical profession given the state of confusion of the lady when trying to make him confirm everything, said another witness, Dr. France Beaucage, who provided a certain follow-up with the alleged victim.

Counsel for the accused, Maurice Biron, questioned the social worker, Véronique Bazinet, about her real intentions during the phone call to Guylaine Mongrain, since it is she who started the socio-judicial protocol after this phone call. Ms. Biron tried to find out if Ms. Bazinet’s objective had not been to expand her file, which the witness denied.

In addition, Biron also tried to find out what, in addition to the four major withdrawals of $ 85,000, $ 41,200, $ 10,000 and $ 2,000, dozens of other cash withdrawals qualified as “doubtful” by the investigator Gervais. The latter was unable to identify what these amounts were used for, but added that the accused had refused to cooperate with his investigation.

The trial will continue Friday, including the testimony of a bank manager where the accounts in question, as well as that of family members, including the brother Guylaine Mongrain.

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