Addition of ambulances in Quebec city: the CIUSSS and the minister of Health open to the idea

Ajout d’ambulances à Québec: le CIUSSS et la ministre de la Santé ouverts à l’idée

As the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale region, the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, say they are ready to improve the coverage of ambulance in Quebec if the situation in the command.

In recent weeks, the paramedics have sounded the alarm about the lack of ambulances in the capital, particularly following the death of a lady of 70 years old in the parking lot of the hospital Chauveau on 20 December.

Lisette Deslauriers, who had a pacemaker, had been forced to go to the hospital by his own means because of an alleged shortage of ambulances.

In our pages, the president of the Association of workers in the prehospital (ATPH), Frédéric Maheux, has denounced the lack of vehicles in Québec city, still shouting, despite the introduction in 2018 of 23 000 hours of ambulance per year. According to him, the CIUSSS of the National Capital would remain deaf to the requests of the ATPH.

The CIUSSS, it is stated that “the latest additions of hours come to be” and that it is still too early to measure the effects. “This year we will be able to measure whether these additions are sufficient. If you need more hours, we will make an application to the ministry, but it is necessary to measure the impacts of the latest additions,” said the spokesperson Melanie Otis.

About the specific case of Lisette Deslauriers, Ms. Otis has referred The Sun to the Center of the communication health of the capitals (CCC), which handles the distribution and the additions to the vehicles to ambulance “on-the-field”. “In this situation, the Center could add an ambulance without going through the CIUSSS. It has a grid in which to tag the addition of an ambulance,” recalled the spokesman of the CIUSSS, stating that the institution had not received “any request for addition”.

Person at CCC was not available Monday to answer our questions.

“Reflexively anticipate”

For Jean-François Gagné, representative of labour relations for the Federation of employees of the prehospital du Québec (FPHQ), it is not enough to add “trucks to the seed, when you lose control”, these additions to the day-to-day is always accompanied by delays of one or two hours.

“It is always stretched to the maximum, at the edge of the breaking point,” said the paramedic. According to him, it would have to be “reflexively anticipate” increasing the fleet of vehicles ambulance when the needs are greatest, especially during the winter period.

The office of the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, we are assured to be “well aware of the staffing problems that paramedics in some areas.” “It is necessary to reassess ways of doing business. Meetings with stakeholders in the world of ambulance are also planned in the coming months to put in place solutions,” said the press secretary of the minister, Alexandre Lahaie, in a brief written statement sent Monday to the Sun.

At the end of the wire, Mr. Lahaie stated that the minister was ready to add ambulances in Quebec, but only after “serious study” of the needs.

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