An ex-journalist from Matane arrested in the Caribbean for the alleged acts of pedophilia

Un ex-journaliste de Matane arrêté dans les Caraïbes pour de présumés gestes de pédophilie

MATANE — A retired journalist, who has been in the employment of the station of Radio-Canada Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine Matane, has been arrested and held for three days in the dominican Republic. According to the local police, Yvon Gaudet, 69 years of age, would have tried to have sex with a girl of 7 years.

No charges have been brought against the Quebecers who, over the past few years, lives several months a year in the dominican Republic. Even if he was released, he is prohibited from leaving the country as long as the investigation will not be completed.

The national police of the dominican Republic confirms that officers who were in service in the resort town of Sosua, in the province of Puerto Plata, have arrested a canadian citizen who was responding on behalf of Yvon Joseph Ghislain Gaudet, after he allegedly attempted to have sex with a girl of 7 years. The father of the child, which would have given his consent, has also been arrested about an hour after, to be also held. “The arrest of the alien was held in a hotel […] of the dominican Republic, where he attempted to commit the sex crime, while the father of the girl has been arrested in another hotel of the same place, one can read in a press release issued by the strategic communications directorate of the police. The preliminary report of the facts indicates that the father of the minor had been taken into the chamber of the Canadian so that it maintains intimate relations with his daughter.” According to some local media, the father had agreed to give his daughter in exchange for an unspecified amount.

The two men were released on the 1st of January, after three days of detention. No charges have been brought against Gaudet nor against the father of the girl since, according to the authorities, the family refused to lodge a complaint. The police seized the passport, the driving license, mobile phone and computer Québec. With respect to the alleged victim, she would have been taken to a safe place.

In a statement, world Affairs Canada has declared to be “aware of a canadian citizen under investigation in the dominican Republic”. “By reason of the provisions of the act on the protection of personal information, any other information may not be disclosed.”



Reached by e-mail, Yvon Gaudet refused to comment on the situation on the formal prohibition of his lawyer. In contrast, a source who wishes to preserve his anonymity, told the Sun that Gaudet had bound of friendship with a man whose wife had been murdered. He would have felt pity for the man and his daughter, who would live in great poverty.

“In addition to the invite to dinner from time to time, he helped them financially, says the witness. He paid an electricity bill, paid for the repair of his motorcycle, bought shoes to small. He did his best to help. It has also bought pencils and notebooks to color in the small. On his departure from of the Republic, last year, he gave them all what he had of food, four large bags, as well as his cell phone, a dominican, whom he had had no need. He acted the same way with two friends he’s known for three or four years. He gave them in to pay for medications, rent and all sorts of other things.” The two women have young children. One of them would have even, on rare occasions, entrusted the custody of her three children to Yvon Gaudet.

The day of the arrest, our source tells us that as there was a swimming pool in the building where lives Gaudet, the child is returned only to bathe and is mounted in the chamber of the man because she was cold. It would be installed flat on the stomach on his bed to play with his phone. Believing it was an attack, a neighbor called the police. The suspect would not have been handcuffed by the agents and would have accepted to follow them to the police station. He was then imprisoned in the prison of Sosua, then to Puerto Plata, from where he was released three days later.

On social media, Yvon Gaudet is the target of insults and hate speech. He would have also received threats of physical violence and even death.



Yvon Gaudet is a native of Drummondville. He has worked for Radio-Canada for thirty years, including Windsor, Toronto and Montreal. He finished his journalistic career in Matane, where he was head of the pulpit, and affectateur. He was then director of the Chamber of commerce of the region of Matane for four years. With his brother, it was then decided to acquire an Italian restaurant in Matane. According to our sources, the establishment would have been taken over by the creditor for lack of payment. On LinkedIn, it presents itself as the organizer of the Festival of Alicante, Spain.

Yvon Gaudet now devoted his to writing. In 2016, he has published a novel called Mirrors — the curse. He is currently writing a new novel which will be called Melissa, who, according to the page Facebook of the author, will focus on a love story between a young woman and an older man, while making a portrait of prostitution in Sosua, in the dominican Republic.

Sosua is located on the north coast of the dominican Republic. The destination is popular with tourists in search of sexual relations involving children. The country has undergone in the past to international scrutiny in connection with the sex trafficking of children.

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