Arrested for driving a vehicle for the removal of snow under the effect of the drug

Arrêté pour conduite d’un véhicule de déneigement sous l’effet de la drogue

A man has been arrested for driving a vehicle type crawler snow in capacities are impaired by the drug during his work hours.

The employee of a company for the removal of snow in private was driving in a manner dangerous and erratic in the sector of the street from the Airport. He was spotted by citizens who alerted the police, Friday morning, around 7 a.m.

The police intercepted the vehicle and on suspicion of drug use, they asked the driver, 30-year-old, to perform tests of co-ordination of movement. The man was arrested for driving with ability impaired by drugs and possession of a narcotic.

At the police station, at the time of the taking in charge by the agent evaluator for the screening of drugs, the suspect has shown signs like discomfort. The latter has, therefore, been taken to a hospital where a blood sample was taken.

He appeared Friday afternoon at the palace of justice of Quebec. He will face charges of driving with ability impaired by drugs and possession of narcotics.

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