Attacked by two dogs in Saint-Cesaire: “At least, I’m still here”

Although her life is now out of danger, Geneviève Piacentini has not finished fighting on a daily basis. This tragic chapter of its history, where Rougemontoise was attacked by dogs in Saint-Césaire at the end of June, is far from being behind her.
Amonth and a half after the tragedy, the lady is still suffering from injuries inflicted by her canine assailants. Attacked from behind, part of his skull was literally scalped; she also suffered deep lacerations in one of her arms. Although she avoided amputation, her condition required a skin graft. “I was unrecognizable,” says the victim.

In five months, Ms. Piacentini will undergo a new surgery. She will know in a year if she will keep permanent aftermath of this mishap, she who had stopped by chance at the flea market of Mario Fortier located in the yard of his property on Route 112.

“At least I’m still here,” she says. I thank heaven that it was not a child [who was in my place]. ”

“The first to arrive there was a cyclist. He told me that if I had not been there, the next [to pass], it was him, pursues the lady in a very calm tone. It was his whistling, to scare the dogs, that alerted me to a presence. Unfortunately, it only made them more annoyed. When I was lying on the floor, I was convinced that I was going to die there. ”

The Sûreté du Québec’s investigation is ongoing. Ms. Piacentini and her family hope that this will lead to charges against the owner of the molosses, Mario Fortier.

Comments on social networks, which blame her for blame for the death of two dogs, shook the victim. “The only fault I made was to stop instinctively to see what was for sale. I did not see anything coming and I could not have done anything, “she says.


In addition to being weakened physically, the lady must fight several battles during her long healing.

“The pain is terrible”, testifies one who must alleviate his pain with the help of morphine and anti-inflammatories.

“She no longer has any autonomy, says her daughter, Anne Castaigne. She can not drive, and we have to be at her bedside. ”

Since the attack and her discharge from the hospital, Ms. Piacentini is subjected to physiotherapy and psychological monitoring, in addition to receiving a visit from a nurse from the CLSC. This care and dressings are not covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec, not to mention the travel required to ensure its many follow-ups.

“Our file seems to have fallen into the void between the Montreal Hospital and CISSS de la Montérégie. We did not have the choice to turn to the private sector, “lamented Anne Castaigne.

“I put myself in the shoes of people who have no savings, no resources, and no family support like mine,” says the victim. I do not know how they could do it. ”

After a first refusal, Ms. Piacentini learned last week that she would eventually be compensated by the Victims Compensation Fund. “We called each week without it unlocking, deplores Ms. Castaigne. It’s a strange coincidence that we had a positive response 12 hours after it was in the media … ”

Ms. Piacentini, together with Dominique Alain, the woman attacked by three mastiffs in Potton, and Lise Vadnais, sister of the lady killed by a pitbull in Montreal in 2016, made a public release, about two weeks ago, for Calling on the provincial government to tighten the Dangerous Dogs Act that will be introduced this fall.

Another fight led in front. “I really hope that this law will change things and prevent someone else from living what I have lived,” says Rougemont.

During the meeting of the municipal council, on Tuesday evening, the elected officials of Caesairois mandated the SPA des Cantons to provide the animal control service on the territory of the municipality. She will be responsible for handling complaints, capturing stray, wild and aggressive animals as well as giving fines.

This is also the body to which the authorities of Saint-Césaire had called to capture the two aggressive dogs, who were not attached at the time of the attack against Geneviève Piacentini. She was present with her husband and family at the Tuesday meeting. “It’s been a while since we were looking for this type of service, for which we need specific training, admitted Mayor Guy Benjamin. The SPCA Montérégie, with whom we did business, was not authorized to capture dogs. It was not in his mandate. ”

The Townships SPA director, Carl Girard, was on hand to explain the mission of the organization. According to him, since citizens will now be able to apply directly to this person to make a complaint, this will speed up their processing. However, it is up to people to obtain a medal for their dog, which must be attached or be in a fenced, provides municipal regulations.

One or two information sessions should be held this fall to explain this new service to the population, it was reported
on Tuesday.

The family asks questions

Ms. Piacentini’s daughter, Anne Castaigne, claims to have made a complaint on July 25 via the municipality’s website. She would have had no follow-up since then. “It seems that the complaint has fallen into the void,” she lamented in session. “I do not know where your complaint is made,” said Mayor Benjamin. For our part, we were told that a criminal investigation was under way, so maybe she really fell between two chairs. ”

Ms. Castaigne also pointed out that at least two complaints of non-compliance with municipal animal regulations had been filed with the City against Mario Fortier, the owner of the two dogs. “Why was nothing done? then asked the young woman with aplomb. Sometimes it is from an administrative point of view that things get lost. ”

At the time of the attack, La Voix de l’Est reported several previous incidents involving the puppies in question.

“His dogs were not on a leash, so he [Mario Fortier] was breaking the rules. He should have a ticket. I already had one for leaving the doors of my car unlocked, “continued
Ms. Castaigne.

“It’s unfortunate what happened to you. The complaints were forwarded to the SQ. But rest assured that it will change, “said Mayor Benjamin.

Local information matters to me and I want to participate in the future of my life.

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