Bernier accuses Trudeau of continuing to talk about the massacre in New Zealand

OTTAWA – Maxime Bernier accuses Justin Trudeau of “shamefully exploiting” the March 15th killings in two mosques in New Zealand.

“Trudeau has been shamefully exploiting the NZ massacre for more than a week. The media find it normal. In the meantime, there have been terrorist attacks or plots in Italy, the Netherlands, Somalia, Mali, Germany, etc., with dozens of deaths. The media is silent, “the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Twitter, said on Sunday.

He resumed his criticism during a press conference called Monday morning to say where is his new party.

“After a week, (Mr. Trudeau) still talks about it in his rallies to make political gains,” he said in response to a question from a journalist.

Asked why he chose not to publicly condemn the killing in the mosques of Christchurch, Bernier preferred to recall his policy on immigration.

He is against “mass immigration”, against “open borders”, but not against any immigration. He wants to reduce the number of immigrants to Canada annually to 250,000.

Already, March 16, the day after the massacre in the mosques of Christchurch, he was responding to a surfer who asked on Twitter why there was no talk of an attack in a church in Nigeria where 32 Christians were murdered.

“Because it does not correspond to the discourse of the multiculturalist left and its supporters of the media. They can not use such a tragedy to gain political points, “he said.

Mr. Bernier prides himself on making politics otherwise, being “authentic”. He believes it will attract votes in October when he promises to present 338 candidates.

“Fifty-two percent of the population is ready to vote for a new party in the next election. So, it’s very encouraging for us. It’s about being present. It’s about talking as much as we can about different platforms and that’s what we do, “he said.

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