Bet won for the Grand Exchange

Despite the skepticism and fears, it seems that this is a bet won for the Grand Marché de Québec at ExpoCité. After a first summer of activities, the turnover is rising for a majority of merchants.
“Certain that I’m happy,” the owner of So-Cho, the sausage waiter, responds bluntly. “If there is someone who does not work, it’s because they have a problem with their service or product. In July and August, I made a turnover in 14 days that I did in a month at the Old Port market, “says Guillaume Saint-Cyr.

Same story for his neighbor, Tomaterie Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets. “We sold as many days on the weekend as during the Christmas,” says the lady at the counter. And so for every trader interviewed during passage of the sun .

“It’s really a positive result after three months of opening,” says Daniel Tremblay, General Manager of the Coopérative des horticulteurs de Québec, site manager. “From day one, the clientele was at the rendezvous. We are proud of the product we offer to our customers. ”

Mr. Tremblay was the first to announce the closure of the Old Port Market to testify today skepticism that reigned on the success of the company. “We talked a lot with our producers who made the transition from the Old Port Market. With the summer they knew, it put a point to their questions. Turnover is growing. ”

If no method of calculating goodwill is yet in operation, Mr. Tremblay certainly notices a change of clientele. “Many came to find their producers, but it is also a customer who has rejuvenated. There are more families because there are more spaces, it is more airy. There is more room to move with the strollers and the baskets, “analyzes the DG. He also argues that the site is more central and more accessible, reaching a clientele in the north of the city.

Another transformation, the passing customers, including tourists, is less present. Mr. Tremblay is now talking about a destination clientele, which is not displeasing to him. “I would trade any 400 tourists for a consumer,” he says. People come to consume the products. What we want is that kind of customer who comes back every week to consume. ”


“As long as we have not done a full wheel, there will always be adjustments, recognizes the general manager. What we had imagined is working well, but some things will have to be improved, including parking. There is a lot of thought to make it more fluid, especially on the weekends. At the same time, it’s a nice problem. That means there are a lot of people. “He recalls that there are 400 parking spaces reserved for users of the Grand Marché compared to the 180 that the former Old Port Market had.

It will also review the operation of the free shuttle that was to bring residents and tourists from the city center to the Grand Exchange. In this regard, ridership figures are disappointing, he concludes.

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