Big Air Snowboard Jamboree: ABM misses the final, qualified Blouin

One of Big Air’s local World Cup celebrities, skier Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, failed to qualify for the final on Thursday as rider Laurie Blouin of Stoneham won her ticket for the grand finale of Saturday.

T ll qualifying events, which were originally spread over two days, were postponed to Thursday to avoid the rainy weather Friday and planned to preserve the Big Air structure for the final. In freeski, Beaulieu-Marchand took the fourteenth place in qualifying, while only the top ten competitors reached the next stage.

“I tried a triple flip switch and did not make a perfect landing on my first run. In the second, I wanted to try again, but on this jump, it takes so much that you are at the right time to succeed a triple flip. I was not going fast enough, so I did not have enough momentum to do it, so I opened and I just did a double flip, “said the skier for whom this maneuver had given excellent results all season.

“I had a great season, I’m really happy. That’s why I did not want to try at all costs a triple flip on my second run. I did not want to take the risk of hurting myself, “said the man who finished his season of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and the XGames. “I’m going to do a Big Air in Whistler for fun and a test in Europe especially for filming. Then I will continue skiing until April and early May. Then I’ll have a few weeks off before the camps resume in May. ”

Blouin easily

Meanwhile, Laurie Blouin easily qualified for the finals on her board with a score of 92.50, just behind the 94.50 American Julia Marino who achieved the best qualifying performance. Marguerite Sweeney of Saint-Basile-de-Portneuf finished ninth while only the first six qualified for the women’s finals. Aged 18, the young snowboarder did not put too much pressure. “I want to have fun with the jump and try on tricks I have never tried in competition. I want to prepare things for next year, “explained before the qualifications that has just made the jump from junior to senior level.

“The difference is not huge, especially that we run a lot against the same people,” says Marguerite, who would like to do more of the circuit of the world cup next year. “It’s my medium-term objective,” says the one who trains at the Le Relais ski resort, as well as pursuing distance studies at C├ęgep de Sainte-Foy.

By 0.75 point

Thursday’s day was a lot harder for swimmer Francis Jobin of Lac-Beauport, who missed tenth place, the final access to the final, by just 0.75 points. “I’m happy to have landed two of my three jumps, but I admit it’s a bit frustrating and I’m a little disappointed too,” he says.

“For my first jump, I played more” safe “while my second was more difficult, but I put a hand on the ground. For the third, it was not good at all, “says the one who was ejected from the final at the very last minute. “I was chatting with the judges and they told me that the fact that I put my hand on the ground cost me a lot,” he says, adding that he does not have any against the new how to do where the runners must perform three jumps, of which at least two by turning from two different sides. “I like this method for qualifying because it’s a good thing to take the most complete riders.”

Jobin will be heading to the Canadian Championships next week in Calgary, where he will compete in the Big Air and Slopestyle events and then make a detour to the Whistler Big Air on April 10. “The Big Air of Quebec is still one of my favorites. The jump is really beautiful. Overall, I’m happy with my season and I’m already thinking about next year. My medium-term goal is always to succeed in making the national team, “he concludes.

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