Boris Johnson refuses a postponement of Brexit and pleads for elections

Boris Johnson said on Thursday that he preferred “to be dead at the bottom of a ditch” rather than ask for a postponement of Brexit, yet voted by MPs the day before, hammering that the UK should leave the European Union on October 31 and pleading for the holding of early parliamentary elections.
“We must leave the EU on October 31”, the date for Brexit, the exit of the EU decided by the British voters, repeated the British Prime Minister, speaking in front of Yorkshire police students ( north), while the deputies have just approved a bill that obliges it to ask Brussels for a postponement of three months of Brexit if it does not find an exit agreement.

He is now putting on a general election, which could give him back the majority he lost in Parliament. “There can only be one way for our country,” he said of the poll.

His speech in the north of England earned him new harsh criticism from his opponents after he continued to talk politics, imperturbable, even as a young police officer at attention was uncomfortable.

The government will submit a motion on the organization of these elections to the House vote on Monday, just before the suspension of Parliament. To be validated, it will have to collect two thirds of the votes. This is Boris Johnson’s second attempt to call early parliamentary elections. MEPs on Wednesday rejected a government motion to hold the poll on 15 October.

But the circumstances have changed since: Labor, the main opposition party, could vote in favor of the elections once promulgated the law that imposes a postponement of Brexit, its goal being to avoid an exit without agreement. The text should be adopted by Monday.

In addition to this setback by the Parliament, Boris Johnson had to cash in the resignation of the government and parliament of his brother Jo, who had voted to keep the EU in the 2016 referendum. Jo Johnson said on Twitter that he was going to put “the national interest” before “family loyalty”.

The conservative party under the leadership of Boris Johnson lost 23 MPs in three days. When questioned on the subject, the Prime Minister merely pointed out that Brexit “is obviously a question that divides families”.


Elections should give the British the opportunity to decide which prime minister should go to the EU summit in Brussels on 17 and 18 October, Boris Johnson said. “Do you want Jeremy Corbyn (chief of Labor) with his plan to extend, to finally stay in the EU (…) or do you want to implement Brexit?”, He said. launched.

Ready for elections, Labor wonders when to organize them: before or after October 31?

“The problem is that we have no confidence that Boris Johnson is meeting an agreement or agreement that we could reach,” said John McDonnell, Labor’s Labor Officer, at the BBC.

A new Brexit report, initially scheduled for 29 March, will have to be approved unanimously by the 27 other EU member states.

According to a European source in Brussels, “if it arises from a new political situation, like elections, a postponement (…) will be granted”. “If it is to renegotiate on new bases, which are in the nails of the EU, why not?”, Added the same source.

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