Call for boycott of singer Morrissey’s concert, accused of racism

A US Muslim rights group has urged admirers of British singer Morrissey to boycott Thursday its concert in the US state of Maryland, accusing it of “racist and hateful positions.”
Theformer singer of the Smiths, long regarded as an icon of alternative rock, has become increasingly cleaving, accused of racism because of support for the British far right.

“In these circumstances, attending the Morrissey concert is a form of financial support and an endorsement of its sectarianism,” said Zainab Chaudry, a representative of the Baltimore Sun’s advocacy group.

“The US-Islamic Relations Council (CAIR) is calling on fans to boycott the event to protest its racist and hateful stance.”

In May, Morrissey, 60, starred in a US show, wearing a badge for the far-right party “For Britain”, founded in 2017 by anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters, a party that gives hope, “according to the singer.

Morrissey, whose real name is Steven Patrick Morrissey, has in the past postponed several European dates following a controversy over remarks made in an interview and qualified by some of Islamophobes.

In June 2019, he also said: “Basically everyone prefers his own race … Does that make everyone racist?”

Morrissey’s concert in the city of Columbia, Maryland is the launch of his fall tour across the United States with the American rock band Interpol.

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