Challenge I stop I wins: butting out for the last 20 years

Défi J'arrête j'y gagne: inciter à écraser depuis 20 ans

MONTREAL — The Challenge I stop, I win, a campaign to support smokers wishing to renounce smoking in the context of a collective challenge, is back in 2019 for a 20th year in Quebec.

Participants in the challenge will pledge not to smoke from 4 February to 17 march next, for six weeks.

The organization Capsana, who initiated the Challenge I stop, I win! in 2000 in connection with the Montreal heart Institute and the Fondation PSI, believes that six weeks without using tobacco is a first realistic goal and a significant one, because such abstinence increases of six times the chances of stopping for good.

The data compiled since 2000 shows that, on average, 75 % of participants in the challenge to succeed not to smoke for six weeks as determined.

Danielle McCann, minister of Health and social Services of Quebec, says that the number of smokers in Quebec amounted to 1.3 million, but that nearly 60 % of them wish to free themselves of tobacco. She adds that since 2000, over 450 000 Quebecers who participated in the Challenge I stop, I win, this demonstrates, in his opinion, the appreciation of his positive approach.

Registrations are in progress To increase their chances of rising to the challenge successfully, participants have access to tools of free support, including a personal folder online, the application SOS Challenge, e-mails of encouragement, a community of Facebook as well as the services I STOPPED, the phone line 1-866-JARRETE.

According to the spokesperson of the Challenge I stop, I win, the family doctor Christiane Laberge, quitting smoking is difficult and often requires multiple attempts, hence the importance of learning from his past experiences, and determine his own motivations.

This year, a specific promotion will aim to reach the category of young adults aged 18 to 24, who account for a high percentage of smokers. This promotion will focus on the benefits of abstinence from tobacco, including saving money and improving the appearance. Interested parties may also attempt the chance to win a scholarship of a value of $1000.

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