College basketball: a gift from God for Dynamics!

Basketball players at Cégep de Sainte-Foy made a real miracle Thursday night at the Canadian championship. In front of their fans, the Dynamiques have cleared a deficit of 20 points to resurrect, win 72-68 and go into the semifinals.

“I believe in God. And there was always a little voice in me saying: “Keep pushing! Keep pushing! “So that’s what I did, that’s what we all did,” said Rosemarie Dumont, after her incredible comeback against the Mystics at Mount St. Vincent University, a team from Halifax.

With a supernatural performance of 20 points and 22 rebounds in the overheated gymnasium of Cégep de Sainte-Foy, the great center of 6 ‘1 “Dynamiques was the star of this first-round match.

Clutching the small wooden cross she still carries around her neck, “unless an arbitrator tells me to take it off,” Dumont admitted that a certain nervousness, not to say a certain nervousness, was gnawing at his teammates and she before this capital game in front of families and friends.

“I saw shaking hands,” she revealed. But the Quebec athlete knew that the first-half misfits could not be repeated for all eternity. “Our girls could not miss those shots all over the game. A half maybe, at worst three quarters, but not four, “says Dumont.

Despite the loss of their best injured player in the first minute of play, the Atlantic champions earned a comfortable 54-34 lead early in the third quarter. The shot of Léa-Sophie Verret who was then caught between the panel and the ring said a lot about the curse that then fell on local.

The wind turns

But by the end of the third quarter, the wind turned. The Dynamiques started a prodigious sequence of 23-2, from 60-44 for MSUV to 67-62 for Sainte-Foy. The fourth quarter ended with a score of 23-7.

“With the crowd and everything, I think we forgot everything we had done during the week. We gave 47 points in the first half, while we gave 54 per game during the season! We put ourselves back on the defensive. The only thing I said to the girls was to make the people who came to see them proud, “said coach Dave Laroche, admitting that Dumont’s performance is one of those” things can not explain.

The girls of the Dynamiques continue their search for the fifth title of their history Friday, 20h. Four games are on the program starting at 1 pm, still at Cégep de Sainte-Foy, including the other semi-final involving the Blues at Dawson College in Montreal.

The Dynamiques have been four-time Canadian champions in five years, from 2008 to 2012, including the last time the championship was held in Sainte-Foy, in 2009. The 10th anniversary of this triumph was celebrated at the halfway point.

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