Construction site of the mega-hospital at the Enfant-Jésus: $ 700,000 per day

The construction of the $ 2 billion new hospital complex (NCH) under construction at the Enfant-Jésus site will be expanded starting in winter, while phase 2 of the project will be launched.
Currently, the Société québécoise des infrastructures “disburses” between $ 600,000 and $ 700,000 each day, said Robert Topping, general manager for the project office, during a press visit on Tuesday. “We have reached nearly 400 workers on the site.”

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At the height of the business, in about a year, around 1,000 workers will activate. “We’re going to talk about $ 1 million to $ 1.2 million a day,” says Mr. Topping.

Phase 1 is completed at 60%, he estimates. The power plant, the Integrated Cancer Center (CIC) and parking are therefore advanced, have seen the journalists.

Patients should also be welcomed in the new facilities next year, even if the work will be at the peak next door. “[The CIC] is the first building to be delivered in March 2020,” says Luc Gagnon, Clinical Director for the NCH at the Quebec University Hospital Center (CHU).

The 14 vaults where the patients will receive radiotherapy treatments and the two specialized medical imaging vaults are almost completed. The joint fencers finish the concrete rooms whose walls and ceiling are between 1.5 and 2 meters thick to block nuclear radiation. The clientele will be officially received in December 2020, after the break-in.

However, users must be protected from dust and noise. Also find a way to transport them between the installations of the Enfant-Jésus, always in activities, and the new premises passing through the site.

The logistical challenge is important, insists Robert Topping: “It’s like changing a plane engine in flight”. He noted that seismographs have been installed “everywhere” in the hospital to ensure that a brain-operated patient, for example, does not start to move on the table while the doctor plays the scalpel.

It must be said that the second phase of the NCH promises to be resounding; the machinery will be very active. The contractor will then erect buildings for critical care, operating theaters, research center … The highest construction will be 11 floors.

The first calls for tenders should be published as early as next week, notes Topping. “This work will begin normally in January 2020.”


For the time being, the costs would be contained; there is still a $ 1.677 billion envelope. “We respect the budget, we respect deadlines,” says Topping. There were nevertheless unforeseen events. The number of soils more soiled than expected: $ 800,000 more for decontamination. And the building Partagec laundry that could not be demolished quickly, among other things because we “discovered” asbestos: another $ 800,000 extra.

The new hospital complex will combine the activities of the pavilions of the Hôtel-Dieu and the Enfant-Jésus. The specialties of oncology, burn victims, neuroscience, trauma and nephrology will be grouped together, says Luc Gagnon of the CHU de Québec.


In 2025, 2026, when the NCH is completed, some 5,500 people should work there … This raises thoughts about public transit for the movement of this mass of workers.

Taking care to say that he was speaking in his name to avoid annoying the mayor of Quebec City, the CHU and the SQI, Robert Topping said, at the very end of a press visit: “If I were a citizen, I would like the tram to go through here. ” None of the many CHU and SQI representatives present took it over, did not contradict it.

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