Cougars go to Bol d’Or

SHERBROOKE – The Champlain College Cougars got their revenge.
Samedi in Montreal, they beat the Spartans of Old Montreal by 31-2 to reach the final of the Bol d’Or next Saturday in Thetford Mines, against the Cheetahs of Vanier.

In the first week of the regular schedule, the Spartans beat the Cougars 54-0 in Lennoxville.

In two weeks, the players of head coach Jean-François Joncas, have eliminated the teams ranked number one and two in the college league football rankings.

Last week, against the Phénix d’André-Grasset, and Saturday afternoon against the powerful Spartans of Old Montreal, the defensive unit of the Cougars was intractable.

Champlain completely muzzled an attack that terrified his opponents in the regular season, including a 426-point offensive production in nine regular-season games.

“We have definitely delivered our best defense this season. We did not give anything. Max’s preparation (Maxime Dupuis, defensive coordinator) was incredible, and the youth applied the game plan to the letter. We had big trends, we had big keys. Once we have identified that, it is the players who delivered the goods. We knew it was a duel between our defense and their offensive, and our players performed perfectly. It was beautiful, “said Joncas.

“It was 17-0 at halftime. On offense, we had the same game plan as against the Phoenix. Our quarterback (Lukas Boulanger) protected the ball well and made good decisions. Our running backs and our offensive line have done a lot of work so we can run the ball effectively. Running back Edourad Wanadi had another big game. ”

“We really controlled the game with our ground game and our offensive line; offensive sequences of five or six minutes have been produced. That’s our defense, and most importantly, it keeps their attack on the bench, “said Joncas.

“Also, we were able to put pressure on their quarterback. It’s been two weeks since we managed to do it. By blocking the ground game, we were able to focus on the aerial game. ”

Confident Cougars

“It’s funny, but we have always had confidence in our means. We never felt we were a seventh place team. Yes, we entered the playoffs through the back door, but the young people have never stopped believing, despite a slow start. Our team culture also makes a difference; no one panicked, despite our early season of 0-3, “said Joncas.

Champlain will face Vanier next Saturday at the Bol d’Or next Saturday.

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