Daniel Radcliffe turns his back on Harry Potter

In his last role, Daniel Radcliffe plays a young man without a story who suddenly finds himself hostage to a macabre game filmed live for a site of the dark Web: film after film, the interpreter of Harry Potter moves away a little more of the saga that made him a celebrity.
Dyears Guns Akimbo Jason Lei Howden, presented in preview at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF), the designer of video games he plays awakens from a violent assault with a gun grafted after each hand.

Gladiator of modern times in spite of himself, he will be forced to fight a merciless struggle to recover his friend, kidnapped, for the biggest entertainment of a community of Internet users eager for violence.

A young person suddenly passing anonymity to a celebrity who changes his life, does this remind something of the former child actor become in a few years the face of a cinematic saga to global success?

“Oh yes, I guess! I had not even made the connection, he says in an interview with AFP. God, I have to call my psychiatrist! ”

“Odd fairy tales”

Why did you accept this role? “I did a lot of things that look like weird fairy tales, like in Cornes (2014) or Swiss Army Man (2016),” he says. They all talk about someone who leads a normal life and who happens something crazy, which transforms it in depth.

“So I guess I like that kind of story, stories that go crazy into something that speaks to us. And this film falls perfectly in this category, “he adds.

Guns Akimbo, with his black cartoon aesthetic, his bloody violence, his characters who kill each other with guns, hammers, even bazookas, encouraged by a particularly sadistic online community, is at the antipodes of the Hogwarts universe.

“This film is inspired by the darkest corners of the Internet and some of the social networks, but that’s not necessarily the heart of his subject,” insists the 30-year-old British actor. “I do not think we should be inspired by this film to find its moral values!”

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