Death of a lady in the parking lot of a hospital: a public inquiry demanded

Décès d'une dame dans le stationnement d'un hôpital: une enquête publique réclamée

The daughter of a lady, is forced to go to the hospital by his own means because of an alleged shortage of ambulances, wants the coroner’s Office ordered a public inquiry to shed light on the failings of coverage ambulance in the region of Quebec.

Two weeks ago, The Sun revealed the tragic end of Lisette Deslauriers, 70, passed away on December 20, in the parking lot of the hospital Chauveau, possibly as a result of a heart attack.

His daughter, Annie Gignac is shocked by the course of events. “It is appalling enough to die like that,” she says. This is especially true in his eyes, is that his mother had dialed 911 at 12h51 to request an ambulance.

Even if the record of his mother has not been categorized as priority 1, it maintains that a sufficient number of ambulances on the territory would have at least allowed the paramedics to get to her home within a reasonable time and judge its symptoms.

“She was told that she would not have ambulance before an hour, an hour and a half. It reminded me to tell me that. She also told me that she had no choice but to wait, that everything would be okay and not to worry.” This is the last time she spoke to him.

Ms. Gignac, the head of a family day care, asked her spouse to visit her mother for the drive to the hospital, accompanied by his father. They left a few minutes after you have cancelled the ambulance at 13: 31.

“They have been forced to request the aid of a motorist who was passing in the street to board my mother in the car. It was a nurse auxiliary. She told me that she felt the state of mom’s change when she was forced to return his legs to the inside.”

Ms. Deslauriers had a pacemaker. His son-in-law and her husband wanted to take her to the hospital in Laval. Noting the state of the victim, the nurse has advised to go to the hospital Chauveau, located much more closely.

The septuagenarian is possibly deceased during transport. Equipped with a defibrillator, the medical team intervened emergency in the parking lot at 13: 45 could not do anything. “The doctor who was present wondered why it had not arrived by ambulance,” Mrs. Gignac.

Last week, the president of the Association of workers in the prehospital (ATPH), Frédéric Maheux, had alerted The Sun of this case distressing. Without being able to say that Ms. Deslauriers would have survived, he considers that a sufficient number of vehicles would be allowed to put “all chances of survival” of his side.

Mr. Maheux was then explained that the lack of vehicles is still calling out to Quebec, even with the addition in 2018 40 000 hours of time ambulances per year, the equivalent of 18 full-time workers.

According to him, there have been some menu additions at the beginning of the year, but the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale region remains deaf to the requests of the ATPH, complains that Mr. Maheux.

“It would have been able to make a difference, believes Ms. Gignac. This is why she’s willing to talk about publicly. An autopsy was performed, and I hope that there will be a public inquiry of the coroner. If this is the proof that it takes for things to change and that it doesn’t happen again, I hope that there will be one,” she concludes.

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