Defensive corrections to bring to the Leafs

TORONTO – Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock believes that adversity can be a good thing.

If a team goes through a more difficult passage.

Toronto made a number of largesse last week, losing three times in four outings. The team had 23 goals, including a disastrous 6-2 loss to Ottawa on Saturday. “As good and strong as we can be, if we play softly on defense, it’s hard to win,” said center Auston Matthews.

The Leafs have time to get back before the playoffs. But with 10 games to play in the regular season, there is less room for error.

“Adversity is very important in life,” said Babcock after training his team on Monday. When you do not live it, you think that to face a little would not hurt, to strengthen.

“But when you’re faced with it, it’s not so much wanted. We must cross this passage. We get together, we roll up our sleeves. Let’s make it better. ”

Three goals behind

No less than 21 of the 23 goals were five-to-five, and the Maple Leafs had at least three goals behind each game last week.

Frederik Andersen allowed 14 goals in 62 shots; for the first time in his career, he was chased out in two consecutive games.

Toronto (43-24-5) remains four points behind Boston (43-20-9), second in the Atlantic section, and therefore in a position to earn the ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

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