Deficit of $ 171,000 to CSRS

The Sherbrooke-Region School Board is closing its fiscal year 2018-2019 with a deficit of $ 171,254.
On a budget of $ 275 million, it is almost like talking about a balanced budget, the president of the organization, Gilles Normand, and its general manager Christian Provencher, are delighted.

“After a deficit of $ 1.7 million in 2017 and approximately $ 500,000 in 2018, it is a demonstration that our budget monitoring exercises and the rigor we are implementing are being put in place. After a really difficult time, we finally managed to create this movement to take the money necessary for our services to students by ultimately balancing our spending and our income, “puts in perspective Mr. Norman.

“The goal is not to create surpluses, the goal is to use all the money we generate because of our customers to redistribute quality services to our students in all our institutions. The goal is to get to zero, “says Provencher.

“When you’re in budget control, it’s easier to make choices and plan,” he continues. We are more in a spirit of development and continuous improvement rather than in the spirit of budget cuts. ”

While some 80% of the CSRS budget goes into contracted salaries and another 10-15% is earmarked for investment, it is easy to understand that the organization’s room for maneuver is not very large.

“A deficit of $ 2 million on a budget of $ 275 million, it is not so huge, but when it is necessary to recover this amount the following year, it hurts more,” illustrates Mr. Provencher.

“Our priority”

These financial statements were adopted Tuesday evening in regular meeting of the Council of Commissioners, at the same time that a resolution was adopted to oppose Bill 40 to replace school boards by service centers and to give more decision-making powers to principals and parents.

The Executive Director does not anticipate the anticipated impact of this Legault government commitment.

“Bill or not, whether it is adopted or not in the model presented, tomorrow morning students will be at the rendezvous. (…) It is our priority and it is for them that we must make our decisions to ensure that the best services are put in place, “he says.

Gilles Normand is more incisive, recalling that the council of commissioners is already made up mostly of parents and that it allows the CSRS to be well connected to its environment.

Pointing to a near equilibrium balance sheet, combined with a declining dropout rate and a two-year graduation rate on ministerial targets, he vigorously defends his organization. “And we are told that the work is not done properly? (…) While in the bill, it is not clear at all if there is still something that will give as much representativeness. And why should it go so fast? We are only at year one with a four-year term. In my opinion, we should instead put in place a lot of collective thinking about what we want for our public school. ”

In the other school boards of Estrie, note finally that the Hauts-Cantons ended the year 2018-2019 with a deficit of $ 370 123, while Summits and Eastern Townships have deposited respective surpluses of $ 293 343 and $ 78,162.

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