Electronic cigarette: US authorities warn Juul

US health authorities on Monday again threatened the maker of electronic cigarettes Juul sanctions because of its marketing practices, especially towards young people.
TheFood and Drug Administration (FDA) has listed in a letter to Juul boss Kevin Burns a series of violations in the brand’s marketing practices and public messages.

In particular, a representative of Juul is accused of having explained to students at a school presentation that Juul was “99% healthier than cigarettes” and that the FDA “would allow it right now”.

The FDA asks Juul to prove scientifically, within 15 days, his argument that Juul’s products are less harmful than cigarettes, on pain of breaking the regulation of alternative products to tobacco.

The relative danger of vaping over cigarettes is a matter of debate. Certainly, refill liquids do not contain many substances recognized as carcinogenic and present in cigarettes, but they contain nicotine, which creates addiction.

And they include many additives whose effect on health is still little known, as the recent death of five people in the United States illustrates.

These five people died this summer, and 450 became ill after consuming electronic cigarettes. It is unclear what caused the acute lung diseases, but in many cases they were black market refills containing the psychoactive substance of cannabis, THC, added to other ingredients being analyzed. .

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