Emerging technologies: it’s great, but …

Emerging technologies continue to amaze us. While a new app for phones is being created every day, cars can be controlled remotely, and many scandals surrounding the theft of private information are surfacing, it’s important to be well-informed.
Tocelebrate its 35th anniversary, ISACA Québec will hold an international conference in October on the opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies in Quebec City itself, at the Le Concorde hotel.

“It’s very timely, we are fully aware of that. We will try to give some of the information to the many questions, “says André Chicoine, President of ISACA Québec and advisor on security governance at In Fidem.

The conference will last three days and will focus on nine different themes. There will be more conferences for the general public and others that will target companies or professionals in the field who wish to be up to date.

“The protection of privacy, ethics in general, I think it has never been as intense in the media as now. Everyone is challenged by this, we talk about it among us in our network, people for whom it was not a concern a few years ago, it comes spontaneously as a subject of discussion. In terms of timing , I think we saw right, “also raises Michel Lambert, member of the organizing committee at ISACA Quebec, and he also advises at In Fidem.

The congress is open to all the population. The goal is to demystify all topics that seem complicated.

“We obviously want the presence of representatives of municipalities, representatives of medium and large companies. It’s for them too. We will have a presentation on smart cities, big data , artificial intelligence. We will also demystify the block chain , everyone knows that it exists, but few really know what it is, “adds Mr. Lambert.

And security?

The two men hope the conference will remind people that behind every benefit or every new technology service are risks. You have to be aware of it and become vigilant.

“If you are not aware of the value and the opportunity, you are less inclined to take advantage of it. When you set up a new advantage, you have to be sure you have put the controls in place. It’s a double-edged knife, “insists Mr. Lambert.

The two men give the example of cars controlled remotely to illustrate their remarks.

“It’s great, but it’s also awful. There are people who are able to crack that, and start your car or apply the brakes. There are people who discover these things and find the tool fantastic, but do not think about the security issue. They believe that people are all honest, that’s the biggest problem, “says Chicoine.

Technologies are developing at a high speed, but information security must follow suit. For every new program created, you have to think about data protection.

After Desjardins, Capital One …

The subject of private data protection has made headlines many times in recent months. First, in the case of Desjardins, the two advisers wish to recall that this is not a cyber attack, but a dishonest employee who took advantage of his access to steal files.

“Yes, the incidents we saw at Capital One, at Revenu Québec or at Desjardins, that raises a lot of questions, from people or companies. We see it a lot, people ask the question more: for risks, are we okay? If you take the Desjardins employee, it’s possible to keep a control with access and downloads. The employee is often part of the solution, “says Chicoine.

“Part of the answer is a technological solution. The most important piece is the person. You can educate people to be vigilant, technological solutions have their limits. Desjardins has been around for a number of decades, so how many? The vast majority of employees contribute to the solution, “says Lambert.

The conference will be held from October 7 to 9, it is possible to consult the program and register on the ISACA Québec website ( isaca-quebec-2019.org ).

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