Family Law: Legault Government to Launch Consultation

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TROIS-RIVIERES – The Legault government is undertaking extensive consultation to reform family law.

The announcement was made in Trois-Rivières by Minister of Justice Sonia LeBel on Friday morning. A regional tour will take place from April 29 until June.

The minister wants to adapt the law to new family realities.

The reflection is based in particular on the Roy report, which was published in 2015.

The government notes that “the current rules of law have not kept pace” with the realities of contemporary conjugal and parental life.

For example, we note that one in two marriages ends in divorce since 1985, compared to one in ten in 1970. Similarly, de facto unions are also more unstable.

Among the proposals that will be studied, note that spouses should be imposed obligations to each other, whether married or in a common-law relationship, reads in a presentation document.

Thus, the parents would be subject to three measures: a contribution from each of them to the family, proportional to their respective faculties; the protection of the family home where the parents’ family and their common child live; the establishment of a new parental compensatory allowance mechanism to compensate for the disproportionate economic disadvantage suffered by one of the parents as a result of taking care of the common child.

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