Federal elections: the father of Jean-Yves Duclos “demoted”!

At least this election, the old father of Jean-Yves Duclos will not have to climb into the posts to install signs.
Of the 225 volunteers from the Liberal Party in the federal riding of Quebec, 20 got to work the night of Tuesday to Wednesday to begin to post the 400 black and red posters with the mug of Minister and outgoing MP Duclos. The carousel was repeated for all parties in all counties in Canada, with a view to the release announced for Wednesday morning.

Jean-Luc Duclos, 82, is satisfied four years later with the role of driver for the displays. “I lost prestige!” Slammed the friendly gentleman on Tuesday night at the official opening of his son’s campaign office.

The event brought together about fifty supporters of Duclos, in addition to three other liberal candidates from the capital, in a room located at the corner of Charest Boulevard West and Saint-Vallier Street West.

“For four years, we were only two Liberal MPs and we managed to do great things. So imagine what we can do to four, six, eight, 11! “Launched the group the Liberal candidate in Louis-Hébert, Joel Lightbound, the only other deputy in power in the region.

Son of Councilor

“In the beginning, volunteers were rare!” Father Duclos reminded the Sun about the first election of his Jean-Yves four years ago. “Then the father put placards in Saint-Sauveur, in the upper town and everywhere. But here we found younger ones to get on the poles. ”

This former Beauport city councilor can not deny his son. Almost identical copy of the father, but without the lived and the little white mustache.

He knows that preliminary polls give his boy ahead. “He had the advantage of being the only minister in the region, so it gave him a lot of visibility. And I do not want to boast, but maybe he’s good too! “Drops a proud dad.

Jean-Yves Duclos is inspired by his father in his work as representative of the people. “People were calling home on Saturday night because teens were making too much noise in the park on Tuesday mornings because garbage cans were not picked up or on Thursday afternoons because the snow had not been removed. sidewalks.

“I heard him talking to them with a lot of warmth, great listening skills and the work that was to follow. The work of a Member of Parliament differs from that of City Councilor, but I have the same privilege of meeting people, “says Mr. Duclos.

The campaign that begins will allow him “to be closer to people, because my job as a minister and MP is sometimes more abstract.” Forty-one days in which he will defend the Trudeau government’s record.

Federate the progressives

Joel Lightbound too. Both are in their second campaign. “I know better the limits of the policy, but also very well what is possible to do. I still have my idealism, but I am more lucid, “says the young lawyer, 31 years old.

As for the possibilities of “more than doubling” the liberal deputation in the Quebec capital, Mr. Lightbound is convinced that “unlike in 2015, the progressives federated around the Liberal Party in the Quebec City region. They see that we are resolutely progressive and that the results are there to prove it for four years “.

Candidates Manon Fortin (Beauport-Île d’Orléans-Côte-de-Beaupré-Charlevoix), just named, and René-Paul Coly (Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles) were also present. Antoine Bujold (Beauport-Limoilou) had another activity, while the candidacy of Jean-Christophe Cusson (Louis-Saint-Laurent) will be confirmed Wednesday or Thursday.

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