Fire in Beauceville: air quality considered safe [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

Incendie à Beauceville: la qualité de l'air jugée sans danger [VIDÉO + PHOTOS]

A fire in the debris of scrap tires broke out Saturday evening around 22: 30 to Beauceville, in Beauce, in the two islets of tires near the company’s Royal Matt, on 181st Street. After having fought the fire all night, fire in Beauceville and other municipalities, came in reinforcement, had the situation under control late Sunday morning.

Emergency-Environment and the mobile laboratory TAGA, analyzer of gas emissions, have been dispatched on the spot. “The emergency services have filed of the earth to smother the fire. There are no toxic fumes. The public health Directorate of the Chaudière-Appalaches has studied the results of the data collected by the TAGA. It confirms that the level of contaminants observed in the plume of smoke is similar to that of an episode of smog in a large city,” explained the spokesman of the public Safety, Éric Drolet.


No evacuation of residents was ordered, but the emergency services asked them to cut off their ventilation system to not be “inconvenienced by the odors”. “People can follow the pages Facebook of Beauceville and Emergency Quebec to find out when they can reuse their ventilation system.

A huge plume of smoke that overhung the city, but the wind shifted, pushing the smoke to the outside of the city, Sunday morning.

Two islets, corresponding to a total of more than 3000 cubic metres of tires were the prey of the flames, said the director general of the municipality, Felix Nunez.


Incendie à Beauceville: la qualité de l'air jugée sans danger [VIDÉO + PHOTOS]

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The assumption of an arson will be particularly studied. The Sûreté du Québec has been in charge of the investigation. “Tires, it does not fire as easily, especially in the winter,” said the director of the City.

The company’s Royal Matt is well known to fire services Beauceville, who move from two to three times per year for fires. The number of these visits has greatly decreased, according to Mr. Nunez, due to the installation of fire walls between the islets of tires.

“The problem is that in the winter and at the end of the fall, they recover a lot of tires via Recyc-Québec and they have difficulty to manage, said Mr. Nunez. So that the islands communicate and the fire is spreading between islands and it becomes difficult for the fire service.”

This is, according to him, for this reason that the fire has spread to a second island on Saturday night. This fire is, however, “by far the biggest” in the history of the company, which has a storefront in Beauceville for at least a quarter of a century. With The canadian Press

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