Fjord: the feet in Quebec city, head elsewhere

Fjord: les pieds à Québec, la tête ailleurs

It was a moment that Fjord wished to collaborate with the film’s English Tim Bran, known in particular for his work with Bloc Party, London Grammar and The Roux. Even as the duo of Quebec had contacted him in 2014, to record what would become “Textures”, minialbum, who has driven in several countries on broadcast platforms online. Their request, have believed the musicians, had remained a dead letter. But was it really?

Thomas Casault and Louis-Étienne Santais cannot prevent themselves from laughing in telling the story. Because as soon as 2014, Tim Bran has indeed agreed to offer its services to the Fjord. Santais simply has not seen his response.


“One day, Louis went to see in her unwanted messages on Facebook, a kind of box off… And he saw that Tim had responded positively to our demand”, summarizes Thomas Casault.

“But it was like six months later. I did not answer on the spot. I couldn’t just say : “cuse, I have not seen your message”,” says to turn, Louis-Étienne Santais, who was eventually rewritten to the English at the time of creating the titles of Shallow Waters, a minialbum of six songs which will be released on 25 January. “There, I told him for real that I had missed his message. Three years later!” says he laughing.

“It showed her opening. He wanted to work with us three years earlier, even if we were nobodies. He wanted to work with talents and projects that are like him. It was easier to contact him”, ultimately evokes Thomas Casault, the voice of the duo that gives in the électropop air.

The two friends — they were roommates for a few years — were in London to put the final touches to the six titles born of a creative career long-term : months and months of writing to be unsuccessful, of the pieces that build the dropper, and then the pressure of a deadline (the appointment with the director approaching) that precipitates the work.

“We finished the songs in the weeks leading up to our departure. The music was completed to 80 % and we reworked it with Tim for two weeks full-time. It has enabled us to get out the last juice that we had to hurry to finish the tracks,” says Santais.

Technological tools

Except, perhaps, for this small awkwardness of e-mail (!), the guys from Fjord can boast of sufficiently fluent in the technological tools to, in many ways, advance their music by themselves.

“It has been a learning process in itself, confirms Louis-Étienne Santais. And it has been the base of our project, to learn how to manipulate the computers, the software, synths. It does not come from an environment where there was electronic music. At the base, it was really songs.”

According to his accomplice Casault, their move into an apartment, and a desire to maintain a good neighbourhood encouraged the shift. “At any given time, electronic music has become an option really interesting. And the composition side, it gives us access to all the instruments being just two”, details there.

Obviously, the choice was a good idea for Fjord, which has quickly become on the online platforms : the group did not take long to become a millionaire — in clicks, there is a… — on Spotify. And not only in his country. When asked where Fjord is listened to, and Louis-Étienne Santais its estimate : “In as many countries as there are countries that have Spotify, I think. But one sees still the tops : United States, Canada, France, Germany and a few in Scandinavia”, he says.

“Initially, we had developed a strategy by looking for the influencers of the music. It was in 2014, it was not happening like now, the bands were not on Instagram. We went to look for a list of bloggers in the world, as much in Australia as in the United States, in Canada or in Europe,” explains Thomas Casault, describing the communicated visually neat that had been sent.

More organic

“And everyone began to talk about us when we released Blue, which was our first big song,” he adds. We woke up one morning and there were 90 000 listens in the night.”

For the new songs of Shallow Waters, the members of Fjord, say that they wanted to exploit more of a component more organic in using real instruments (guitar, piano, violins, harp, flute, etc) all has been reworked for a show of “electronic invoice” that we will be able to see at Quebec on the 11th of January to The Anti (the training Honors will also be of the party).

Services to Toronto and Montreal are also on the agenda of the Fjord the 25th and 26th of January. And if all goes well, the duo should go test the waters in a few countries in Europe in the spring.

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