Ford applauds social networks allowing it to bypass journalists

For Ontario Premier Doug Ford, journalists working in traditional media have become irrelevant because social media allows him to speak directly to voters.

At a conference of conservative theorists, strategists and politicians, Ford added that “journalists are losing the battle” to inform the public.

Ford has also accused journalists of being left-wing extremists and distorting the speeches of political figures.

“The journalists get what they say. They cut and cut and they twist and twist. We talked directly to people. Journalists know they are losing the battle, “he told the Manning Networking conference.

According to him, reactions to the political reporting of the mainstream media are no longer important because of the existence of social networks. Politicians can now use them to bypass the media.

Mr. Ford boasted that his “Ford Nation Live” campaign site had received 18 million hits. He wants to continue this strategy now that he is prime minister.

Attacking the media is a favorite tactic of US President Donald Trump, but Ford refuses to be compared to him.

“People always say, ‘Oh, you’re like Trump’. No, I’m Doug Ford. I’m not Donald Trump. ”

Ford promised to fight fiercely over the government’s plan to impose a carbon tax in his province starting next month.

“The carbon tax is a tax with the word carbon in front of it and it does absolutely nothing for the environment, nothing,” he said.

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