Francois Legault does not invite Greta Thunberg … but he is willing to meet her

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg will not be invited to meet with Prime Minister François Legault during his visit to Montreal at the end of the month.
The initiative for a possible head-to-head will not come from the Prime Minister, but if Ms. Thunberg expresses the desire to talk with him, the Prime Minister will be available, he confirmed Thursday .

Mr. Legault does not want to say otherwise whether he wishes or not that Ms. Thunberg addresses the elected representatives of the National Assembly, as claimed by Quebec Solidaire.

The young Swedish activist, promoted global star of the environmental cause, will be in Montreal Friday, September 27 to participate in a march to fight against climate change.

A possible meeting could take place in the Prime Minister’s Office in Montreal, on the sidelines of the event.

“She is a girl who has a lot of merit. I would like to meet her if she is available in Montreal, during her stay, “commented Mr. Legault, in a press briefing on Thursday, during the two-day caucus of his deputies, meeting in Rivière-du-Loup, in preview of the return to parliament next week.

The President of the National Assembly, François Paradis, has still not ruled on the request made last week by Quebec Solidaire to allow the young environmental activist of 16 years to speak in Parliament, an exceptional favor usually reserved elected political leaders.

This type of decision is the responsibility of the Office of the National Assembly (NAO) and the President, argued Mr. Legault, without expressing his personal position on the subject. “It’s not for me to make that decision,” he said.

Moreover, the prime minister did not want to justify his choice not to attend the “Climate Week”, an international summit for the fight against climate change sponsored by the United Nations (UN), which is being held in New York the last week of September.

When asked why he was not going to New York for this annual event, unlike his predecessors, Mr. Legault said, “I am a man of action.”

“What Quebeckers want is not great speeches, it is to be able to act,” he added, predicting that no other government than his “will have done the same” to fight against greenhouse gases (GHG).

The three opposition parties denounced last week the absence of the prime minister at this major international conference.

The Quebec government will then be represented by two ministers, Benoît Charette, Environment, and Jonatan Julien, Natural Resources.

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