Frank Angove Caron sentenced to 44 months in jail for manslaughter

Stabbed seven times and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Abandoned in the middle of the night, confused and bleeding, on the highway. Finally, the inevitable collision. The horrifying end of 27-year-old Steven Herbst partially cleared Wednesday with the guilty plea of ​​25-year-old Frank Angove Caron, sentenced to 44 months in prison for this manslaughter.

The e 18 December 2018, a small group of drug dealers are questioning a flight of drugs held in the previous days in Beauport.

They decide to bring Steven Herbst, consumer and trafficker, to do a car ride to question him.

According to the version of Angove Caron, the driver began to stab Herbst, sitting in the middle of the back seat. Herbst received seven stab wounds in the calf, including one that broke an artery.

In the general hubbub, the driver stopped his vehicle on the Dufferin shoulder, near Montmorency Falls. Frank Angove Caron, sitting next to the victim, managed to open his door and exit, followed by Herbst. Angove Caron asparagus cayenne pepper and returns to the car, which leaves quickly. “I just wanted to defend myself,” Angove Caron told Justice Hélène Bouillon of the Court of Quebec.

A dreadful scene will take place for 14 long minutes under the eyes of the operator of traffic surveillance cameras of the Ministry of Transport. Steven Herbst, completely disoriented, with only one shoe, rubs his eyes. He staggers on the highway, always walking more towards the center. The Quebec Ministry of Transport operator called the police. But before their arrival, Herbst will be violently snapped up by a driver, a man without history who returned to volunteer at a hockey game.

The police investigation takes a different turn when the autopsy reveals to the victim wounds not related to the collision. According to the autopsy, the blows were allegedly carried by an occupant of the front seat of the car, as Angove Caron said.

The police will quickly track the suspects; 30 minutes before the tragedy, the group had been identified by patrol officers from the Quebec City Police Department.

Frank Angove Caron already had several criminal records relating to drug trafficking, stolen property, dangerous driving and break and enter, among others.

Away from forgiveness

The other three occupants of the car were arrested and released with a promise to appear on March 26. No charges have yet been laid against them.

Steven Herbst’s parents listened with emotion to one of those responsible for the death of their son receiving a 44-month sentence, a suggestion made by Crown Attorney Jean-Philippe Robitaille and Defense Counsel Marc Delisle, approved by Justice Bouillon.

Michael Herbst tried for years to bring his son back on the path of sobriety. He never got there, but did not give up on his boy.

“My only child is dead, I am no longer a relative and I have a hard time believing and living it,” says Mr Herbst, wearily and painfully. The death of my son is permanent; there will never be forgiveness.

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