Freight transportation: Bernières buys Dolbec

Major transaction in Quebec in the field of freight transport, while Groupe Bernières buys Dolbec International for several million dollars.
Thebusinessman and politician Pierre Dolbec leaves the family business he has been running for nearly 40 years, company inherited from his father Yvon, who died in 1996. The 66-year-old man, who had known for a long time that his children would not take over, so spent the last four or five months to “choose” its acquirer. And to mourn.

“The timing was there, it’s not complicated,” said Mr. Dolbec, in the Sun. “I’m 66 years old! Time is against me, as we know that to facilitate the transfer of a company, it is better that the leaders stay in place. And the company is better than it has been for two years, “says the one who keeps his chair as president and CEO.

In fact, the 23 employees remain, one of the main conditions imposed by the seller. The name Dolbec will still be on the sign too. We are therefore talking about a share transfer from Mr. Dolbec to Daniel Bouchard, sole owner of Groupe Bernières. “There has been no change. It’s the best of both worlds! “Says Mr. Dolbec.

A former president of the Quebec City Chamber of Commerce, Pierre Dolbec is best known to the public for having run for mayor of Quebec City in 2007. He is now president of the Quebec Industrial Parks Corporation and mayor of Sainte- Catherine de-la-Jacques-Cartier, a municipality located in the north-west of Quebec in full swing with nearly 8000 residents.

He also says he does not want to try his luck again in municipal politics in Quebec City. “Never! I would not even touch that with a 1000-foot stick, “he says, laughing.

Check the chain

With its 300 employees, Groupe Bernières is basically a trucking company. Who has diversified over the years to “own every link in the transportation chain to control quality for our customers,” says Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Karl McLellan.

Groupe Bernières therefore adds a major brokerage specialist to its services, or if you prefer “a travel agency for the import or export of goods”, as illustrated by Mr. Dolbec. Dolbec International is active in 51 countries.

Without wanting to reveal the amount of the purchase, Mr. McLellan confirms that the acquisition of Dolbec is by far the largest in the history of Groupe Bernières, which has existed since 1982.

He reiterated that Groupe Bernières has “no intention of swallowing” Dolbec International. “The goal is to grow and maintain control from the beginning to the end of the transport vertically. So instead of sending our clients to a broker, now Dolbec will take care of that part of the trip, “says McLellan.

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