GCM: former journalist Matthias Rioux supports coop project

Groupe Capitales Médias (GCM) will soon know its fate, and the former journalist and minister Péquiste Matthias Rioux looks favorably on the cooperative project.
If this option is retained by the trustee, the former Minister of Labor under the government of Lucien Bouchard believes that this could mark the beginning of a new era for Quebec media models.

“I see something interesting coming on the horizon. The [media] empires will collapse and will gradually be replaced by cooperatives and other smaller organizations closer to the people and the workers, “he said at the launch of the second volume of Guy’s biographical essay. Bertrand.

In addition to allowing the media to get closer to their readership, Mr. Rioux added that this type of business model will save the press and journalists, while counterbalancing the power of major media empires.

Avoid government influence

While welcoming the government’s involvement in the GCM case, the former journalist warns of any influence that political power might have on media work.

“A state can not intervene with its big feet in the work of the media. We do not replace a capitalist model with political power. ”

For anyone who will take over the reins of GCM’s newspapers, which includes Le Soleil, “it will above all be necessary to promote the freedom of the press and quality journalism”.

The trustee’s decision should be known by November 27. According to the latest information, two groups have submitted an offer to buy GCM’s six newspapers

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