Gemini: Vero book a gala of fire!

Véronique Cloutier has offered one of the best galas of the Prix Gémeaux of the last years Sunday. A lot of great ideas for a fun, funny, and surprising evening, which has largely rewarded “District 31”, “Plan B” and “Unit 9”. Glamor and magic were at the rendezvous.
Therewere some choices of appointments – where was Ruptures ? But for the rest, nothing to complain about the choices of the Academy regarding the winners. And yet, it was near the disaster when a small fire broke out in the decor at the beginning of the gala. We wanted to put sparks, launched a Veronique Cloutier never destabilized, she who had not hosted the gala since 2015. His opening number, very danceable and rich in images, a tribute to our TV, was spectacular, although a little pompous at times. In addition to the short monologue opening, a little weak, the rest has flowed from source.
Gemini crowns “District 31”

For a second year in a row, Plan B delighted the Academy, which awarded him the Gemini of the best drama series, at the expense of Facts , again. Sophie Lorain, who shines in this second Plan B , has returned to Gemini, four years after his trophy for Help Beatrice . Awarded for Mensonges , Claude Legault wanted to salute Yvon Leduc, co-founder of the LNI, currently very ill. Unit 9 had its prize on Sunday, those of the best annual series and the best actress, awarded to Eve Landry for her role as Jeanne, and who waited “for 26 years”. Beautiful way to conclude the adventure of Unity 9, the author Danielle Trottier almost came to tears. Against his “dad” Guy Nadon, Stéphane Demers thanked TVA for accepting that a main role in O ‘ is not entrusted to a star. For once, Charles O’Hara won.

After having been rewarded for the texts, Florence Longpré was for her interpretation of Ada in M’entends-tu? , 14 times nominated. “I was so a weird kid. Thank you for letting me draw on my walls, I made a job, “she sent to her father, sobs in her voice. Christian Bégin and director Miryam Bouchard had been crowned in the afternoon for this same series, beaten by Lâcher taken in the category of comedies. Very happy for Fabien Cloutier, rewarded for his role in the excellent comedy Léo , and obviously very touched.

With 16 nominations and seven awards in all, District 31 dominates the table of winners. The villainous Yanick Dubeau earned Patrice Godin the Gemini of the male lead, while Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc won the women’s role after her Artis Spring Trophy. “Thank you Luc Dionne, because of you, there are two million people who hate me,” Godin told the author of the most watched TV series. The daily life of Luc Dionne has even won the prize of the public, against titles like Ruptures and Live from the universe . Clash , the only other series eligible for the daily trophy, was no match for District 31. “We do not have so many resources, but we have so many talents and passions. We will stay for and with the Quebec public, “said Fabienne Larouche, warmly applauded, about Netflix and company.

Many good ideas in the presentation numbers, just about all successful. Frankly funny this quartet of competitors for the first presentation, Guy A. Lepage, Julie Snyder, Christian Bégin and Charles Lafortune. Harmony quickly gave way to sarcasm and “bitcheries”. “I never tan to see the same people always receive the same little funny cards of Dany,” Bégin sent to Guy A., before being told by Lafortune: “I have a tank. You, you have a scooter. “Then:” You will greet your gang of gifted Double Occupation “he said to Julie, who could not help it on Star Academy :” It was just three million ratings, it’s not sure they’ll take me back. ”

The very angry Sébastien Dubé of Denis Drolet and Pierre Hébert offered a brilliant demolition number for nominated variety shows. They have all gone, including Revolution , a show where “it scrubs scarves, braille,” launched the bearded Denis. Or 1st time , animated by “the guédaille who changes heads without stopping”. Even Live from the universe tasted it, but Revolution won the award. One of the best ideas was the video description of reality shows by stars such as Jean Leloup (yes, yes, the truth), the pallet Denis, Sonia Vachon, and even Marc Cassivi for Occupation double Greece and Rodger Brulotte for XOXO! We would have taken more.

There are not too many “star-studded broadcasts”, according to Jean-Philippe Dion, who has received the award for best show or series of interviews or talk shows for La vraie nature , and presented by the feelings of tennis Felix Auger-Aliassime (on stage) and Bianca Andreescu (on screen). Another deserved award, such as Bye Bye 2018 , was presented to a team that will be renewed in December. Pierre Brassard seemed a bit bitter, right? Ovation for Béatrice Picard, whose 71-year career has been celebrated, as well as crowning her again, 61 years after the Gala des Splendeurs, of which we saw an excerpt. Unexpected tribute, short but felt and warmly applauded.

But the most moving moment was certainly offered to us at the end of the evening by all these people to whom we have attached ourselves, series like De garde 24/7 , Second chance and 180 days . That put an end to a flamboyant evening, without downtime, which should still belong to Véronique Cloutier next year.

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