Green activists dye in fluo green a big river in Switzerland

Zurich’s most populous city, Switzerland, was dyed in fluorescent green Tuesday, a spectacular action claimed by the organization Extinction Rebellion (XR), which wanted to protest the destruction of the global ecosystem.
“Extinction rebellion Zurich has colored the Limmat in green,” the Zurich branch of this international network of civil climate disobedience launched in October 2018 in the United Kingdom said on Facebook.

As can be seen in pictures that the organization posted on its website, activists jumped into this intense green water, before simulating that they were dead.

“XR wants to draw attention to the imminent collapse of the ecosystem and the toxic system in which we find ourselves,” said the organization, adding that the color used consists of uranine, a substance “totally harmless whose toxicity is equivalent to cooking salt “.

Alerted by telephone calls, the Zurich police went on the spot to determine if the color poses a danger for the population, she said in a statement.

The XR organization announced actions of all kinds in several Swiss cities, from 9 to 20 September.

In Switzerland, as in other European countries, climate marches have been regularly organized by citizens’ movements, especially by young people. A national event is scheduled for 28 September in Bern, less than a month before the parliamentary elections.

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