Greta Thunberg will not come to parliament

Less than a dozen days before the event, we still do not know if the Quebec government will be represented – and if so, by whom – on the grand march of September 27 to counter the climate crisis.
On the other hand, it isknown that young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has declined the invitation made by the President of the National Assembly, François Paradis, to speak at the agora of parliament, as part of his upcoming presence in Quebec. .

M me Thunberg, planetary star of the tale fight climate change by participating against the great march to be held in Montreal Friday, September 27, World Day of Action for climate.

Prime Minister François Legault has not yet indicated whether he will be present at this major event.

Environment Minister Benoît Charette said on Tuesday that he would eventually join the marchers, “if the agenda should allow”.

Apparently, the government still has no game plan as to the importance, or even the relevance, of its participation in this march. “I can not presume at this time whether or not there are colleagues,” said the Minister of the Environment.

In the previous days, along with his natural resources colleague, Jonatan Julien, he will participate in the United Nations-sponsored Climate Week in New York, to take stock of the global fight against climate changes. “We are a party of action, much more than a party of representation,” said Mr. Charette, to justify a possible absence on September 27 in Montreal.

On this first day of resumption of parliamentary business on Tuesday, the government rejected two opposition motions related to the march against the climate crisis.

The Liberal opposition, through the voice of MP Marie Montpetit, invited the Prime Minister to participate in the march and Climate Week, as well as to “recognize that global warming is one of the main threats to the world. Quebec’s economy.

The other motion, tabled by Quebec Solidaire, went in the same direction and suffered the same fate.

Meanwhile, to demonstrate its concern for the climate crisis, the Montreal School Board, the largest in Quebec, has declared September 27 as a pedagogical day. Thus, the 114 000 students who attend his schools will be free to participate in walking in the streets of the city. Other educational institutions in Quebec have announced the suspension of classes to encourage participation in the march.

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