Halifax returns to series against Remparts

The Halifax Mooseheads, who were 2-0 down in the series, did not land in the capital to leave empty-handed. The QMJHL Eastern Conference’s leading club rebounded with a 3-1 win Tuesday night at Center Videotron in the third game of the Quebec Remparts’ confrontation.

The Remparts still hold the 2-1 lead in this 4 of 7 series. The next two games will be held in Quebec City, Thursday (7 pm) and Saturday (7 pm). If needed, games 6 and 7 would be played in Halifax on Monday and Tuesday.

“Will not, we were a little nervous anyway. We had to go back a bit in the last two days. This one will do good, that’s for sure. We were not extraordinary or perfect, but in the situation we were, we played a good game. I liked the way we behaved. Our goalie played extremely well and our power play was perfect, that’s what made the difference, “said Mooseheads head coach Éric Veilleux.

The Remparts had the opportunity to take advantage of this return in front of their supporters to place the opponent in a precarious position. But before the series, no one could have thought that they could have a chance to find themselves in this advantageous situation.

“I think we were the best of both clubs. We had several chances to score. The difference was a positive leap to them. By cons, I would have liked to work a little more their guardian. We could have taken better shots. We have never set a goal [to the effect] that we would win in four. There is a package that would have laughed at me if I said that. What we want is to focus one game at a time. We do not have to be unhappy about our performance, but I think we can play better and take more high quality shots, “said Chief Red Devil Patrick Roy.

Unlike the two games in Halifax, where the Remparts had scored half of their power play (5 in 10), they failed to hit all five attempts on Tuesday. The Mooseheads, on the other hand, opened the scoring in first power, adding a goal with equal forces in the second and third in a deserted net when the Remparts attempted to tie the game 2-2 at the end of the third. Arnaud Durandeau and Raphaël Lavoie (2) scored for the visitors, Luke Kutkevicius scoring the Remparts midway in third.

“We will bounce back”

“It’s boring. In the playoffs, we always want to win, and that one has escaped. We knew that it was not going to be easy, that we were not going to sweep them necessarily, but we will rebound Thursday, which is important, “said goalkeeper Anthony Pagliarulo.

The Mooseheads had the top 27-26 in the throws, but Roy felt that his had not taken enough threats.

“If we had been at Expo-Québec, we would have picked up a lot of stuff … We did not start well, we threw in the belly, and on our only good, we scored. Twice, we threw over the leggings and juggled with it, “noted Roy about Gravel, who seems to come back often in his comments for a few days.

“No, I did not talk much about their guardian. I just said that ours had been better than theirs there. I’m not saying he was not good, I just said we did not take quality shots. I’m just answering your questions, finally … “, launched the old issue 33.

Fourth game, Thursday, 7 pm, at Center Videotron, with the same duel of goalies on the horizon!



Good crowd of 8278 spectators for this first of three games in five days at the Center Videotron … Matthew Grouchy, of the Remparts, was guilty of a misconduct of 10 minutes after the goal of the Mooseheads in a desert net late in the game to have hit the ice in mockery towards the official … With the exception of Samuel Asselin’s return to play, the lines of each team were similar to those of the first two games … The start of the game was delayed by 15 minutes because of a technical problem at the Videotron Center … The Remparts and the Mooseheads are training in different places, Wednesday, but at the same time …Head Coach Éric Veilleux invited his friend and former Equipment Manager Patrick Léonard, now with UQTR, to take over media requests for Moosehead interviews during the team’s stay in Quebec City …



For the first time since he was the majority shareholder of the Mooseheads, Bobby Smith missed the start of his team’s playoffs. As in the first two meetings, he had his eyes fixed on his computer, Tuesday, for the third match against the Remparts.

“I had to spend the last month in Tennessee, I could not go to Halifax or Quebec City,” he said in a telephone interview earlier this week.

The former Canadiens and Minnesota North Stars player never thought that a playoff round was not littered with obstacles, as his team can see.

“I’ve been in hockey for so long, there’s nothing that surprises me. I played in 35 series as a player in the NHL, I know everything can happen. Listen, decades ago, they had the idea that it took four wins in seven games to determine the best team, it was a brilliant idea at the time, it’s still the best way to go He noted before knowing the result of Tuesday’s game.

Situation of already seen

Smith will be in Quebec City in a week for the QMJHL Governors’ Meeting and the Golden Rondelles Gala. If he had been able to talk to his club in person on Tuesday morning, he would have reminded him that anything was possible when the counters fell to zero in the spring.

“I already trailed 0-2 and won the series; on the contrary, I already led 2-0 and lost, “noted the one who won the Stanley Cup in 1986 while he was the teammate of Patrick Roy.

“These moments are still in us,” he added, pointing out that Roy’s return behind the Remparts was an asset “for the team, the fans, the city and the League”.

Both men share the same passion for junior hockey. “I’m going to get involved for a long time, I do not know what I would do, otherwise,” noted ex-number 15, who could not compare the 2013 Moosehead championship edition to today’s.

“We will never live another season where we will match the 1 st and 3 th choice of the NHL. We lost six games that year. Each season is different, but the current team is very good, it is one of our best in terms of the depth of the 1 st to the 20 th player. It’s not an excuse, but we have not been spared from injury, we have not played a single game with all our players in good health. ”

Smith lives in Phoenix, but spends 7 to 10 days a month in Halifax. He is looking forward to the country’s visit there in May at the Memorial Cup tournament.

“In my opinion, this is the biggest sporting event that can be presented in Eastern Canada. If André Tourigny [former head coach of the Moosheads] could be there with the Ottawa 67, my former junior club, that would add one more element to an already grand event in itself.

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