Harvey qualified 23rd for Sprint on the Plains

Alex Harvey qualified for the World Cup final sprint qualifying rounds this morning in Quebec City, finishing 23rd in the qualifying round at the Plains of Abraham site.

The 30 fastest sprinters of the day were getting their passes for the final of this afternoon (13h). Same thing for the ladies.

Harvey took a time of 3: 18.13 minutes, crossing the lead 11.08 seconds behind the leader.

As expected, Sprint Crystal Globe champion, Norwegian Johannes Hosflot Klaebo, flew over the distance with the fastest time of 3: 07.61 minutes. He will cross the bar with his rival Alexander Bolshunov, the two men fighting for the overall World Cup standings.

The five-wave qualifying round of six participants for the quarter-finals. The two winners of each pass to the semi-finals, as well as the two best times among all the others.

The women will start at 13:20 while the men will follow at 13:48.

Already, for the qualifying race, there were several hundred spectators. Harvey was enthusiastically welcomed not only when he entered the track, but also when he returned to the locker room where he had to walk through the crowd.

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