He catches up to the thief to the purse of his wife

Il rattrape le voleur de la sacoche de sa conjointe

The spouse of a woman who was robbed of her purse Monday evening, in the district of Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, has managed to catch the suspect.

To 18h50, the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) has received a call to the effect that a citizen who was running behind a suspect of theft on the street of the Oblates.

When the police arrived, the husband had mastered the suspect to the ground.

The police “take over and find that the suspect, a young man, a minor, would be to steal the purse of a woman before being caught up in the race, by the spouse of the latter,” says Cindy Paré, a spokesperson for the SPVQ.

The suspect was arrested for robbery and a finding of a violation was presented to him for insulting a peace officer. He is detained and could appear in youth court on Tuesday.

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