Heavy sanction sought for the introduction of fentanyl in the penitentiary

Lourde sanction réclamée pour avoir introduit du fentanyl au pénitencier

Fentanyl is a drug often lethal and an inmate who “matter” to the penitentiary should expect a severe punishment, argues the prosecution. True that fentanyl is dangerous, concedes the defense. But it is also necessary that the quantity of drugs to justify the severity of the sentence, adds-on.

Richard Panin, 29 years old, was admitted to enter the penitentiary in Donnacona in September 2016 four transdermal patches of fentanyl, a powerful opioid the cause of several deaths in this institution, as in many canadian cities.

With the help of fellow prisoners and of the joint to the outside of the walls, Panin had been ship to the penitentiary a greeting card containing the famous stamps, which are intended to be cut in thin slices, and ingested by users.

This type of stamps is prescribed as a painkiller by doctors to treat severe pain.

The correctional authorities had been made aware of the plans and listened in on the conversations of Richard Panin. They were able to easily intercept the card.

During an excavation a month later, the correctional officers have found on Richard Panin bags containing a mixture of heroin and fentanyl.

Richard Panin purge since September 2014 a sentence of nine years for a violent home invasion.

Serious consequences

The Crown prosecutor, Me Éric Beauséjour has asked the judge Rena Émond of the Québec Court to impose on the accused a sentence of six years, consecutive to the one he is currently serving. “The individual who consumes this type of patch fentanyl don’t know how much it consumes and it is known that a small amount can be fatal, reminds Me of Beauséjour. And there are great dangers to the correctional officers who have to act, because the simple manipulation can have consequences.”

The lawyer, Panin, Me Vincent Montminy, does not refute the dangers of fentanyl. “This is not benign, but there is no equation direct between the type of drug and the length of the sentence, reminds Me Montminy. We know of four stamps, not thousands of tablets.”

According to the defence, a sentence of three and a half years penitentiary, to be served concurrently with the current sentence would be adequate. The accused also proposes to provide a gift of $ 5,000 to a house of therapy for drug addicts.

The judge Émond will render its decision on the sentence next week.

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